SuperUniti +/- roon nucleus

Advice wanted please.
I have a SuperUniti based main system and I’m about to add an Atom HE.
Thinking also about adding a roon nucleus (I realise it’s probably overpriced, but I just want the process to be painless and hassle free).
With this set up, will roon work/control the SuperUniti?
Many thanks in advance.

The SU has no native Roon support, so the short answer is no. However there are plenty of workaround solutions. The easiest is probably to spend about £200 on a Sonore UPnP Bridge from Smallgreencomputer. It’s a small box you connect to your network which can turn a UPnP server into a Roon Endpoint.

(There are other software based solutions that might be free if you happen to have the hardware to run them, but they will require a little more tinkering.)

Thank you.
I’ve been pottering along reasonably happily with the SU, a NAS and the Naim app.
However, I used roon for the first time whilst listening to headphones (for my pending Atim HE) with my local dealer, and I really enjoyed the interface.
I’ve become rather out of the loop with newer developments, hence my need for a helping hand.

The Naim app will work fine with a mixture of old and new streamers, including in multiroom mode.
If you want Roon a neater solution would be to trade in the SU for a Nova or other current gen. streamer but the UPnP bridge will get you there for a lot less cash if you don’t want to upgrade.

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