SuperUniti sub output

Is the SU subwoofer output full range or crossovered (80 Hz)?

It’s full range.

thank you

Integrated a Kef kube 10 sub with SU and Neat Motive SX2 speakers. With testones/music/soundlevelmeter set the crossover to a bit above 40 Hz and volume control so both the SX2 and Kef measured 75 dB in slow/dBc mode at the listening position. Adding the sub gives a better defined/focussed and more pure overall SQ. So i am happy.

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Always ask myself if you need to run a single or twin tulp cable from the SU subouts to the sub w inputs?

The subw now is connected with a specific subw cable at one side 2 tulp and other side one tulpconnection. 2 tulp side is connected to the SU.

I presume ‘tulp’ means RCA?
If your sub has a 2 channel input you should use both channels.

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