Superuniti & Tidal Bass

Interesting Simon. Are you saying that with Roon and a new streamer, a Tidal Hi-Fi stream will have the same SQ as the same album ripped from a CD to say, a Naim Core played through a NDX2? Whereas, streamed via the Naim app the Tidal SQ will be less than through Roon?

Yep… really a massive step forward… albeit for the cost of an additional Roon service subscription…
The inbuilt Naim / Roon integration is rather neat and provides benefits over so called Roon bridges with legacy products… you can even switch your streamer off into standby via the Roon app.


Roon is an option too for the legacy streamers using either the Sonore UPNP bridge (a hardware device) or lms-to-upnp which is a free software solution.

These solutions require a bit of initial mucking about (technical term!) but once setup it work very well and provide almost all of the advantages of Roon without the need to change expensive Naim equipment.

I guess I’d better give it a go and stop buying CDs then…

Well I still buy a few CDs, but they are more collector CDs, or rare CDs that I can’t find on streaming services… though the latter is becoming rarer and rarer as time goes on.

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The annual Roon subscription is about the same cost as the last 3 CDs I had imported from the UK, all of which are on Tidal… I thought I was getting better SQ, need to re-test that assumption. Mind you, there a quite a few bands that I like that aren’t on Tidal. Still, I’ll give it a go.

Ok, thanks for the explanation though I don’t understand all of it. :smiley:

Can someone point me to a “how to” for the Bubble software? I need to install this on my QNAP, correct?

TIDAL sounds very good on my SU for what it’s worth and I don’t notice much difference in SQ compared to my local QNAP streams.

I hope to have time this weekend to install the bubbleupnp server.
Is this a good place to start for installation on my QNAP?

It is yes :smiley:

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Well I got the bubble server installed on the QNAP and Kazoo app on my iPad. It looks like I’m having connectivity issues. I did auto detect on the bubble config for public host and credentials. Looking at the few posts I can find there may need to open a port on my Airport? Not sure.

Within Bubble, you need to set the SU as an open home renderer. Or something like that. Once set, it will work.

You need to configure Bubble to have your Naim renderer set as an Openhome version. It’s just a tick box in the Bubble config. Your control point will then see the Openhome version.

Well I’m close, I was able to log into my Tidal account in Kazoo but the tracks won’t play. I have the SU as the open home renderer.

I can’t help with Kazoo as I use the Bubble App as my control point. :confused:

Music is playing now. I’m using the Tidal input from the Kazoo App. Does that sound right? I’m not following how the bubble server app I installed on the QNAP is interacting with the Tidal input on the Kazoo app.

I would love to hear how you find Roon on your system @Mike_S

Been talking to John re sound demo. Unable to demo NDX2 (so tight on availability now that only order accepted by distributor at the moment is for purchasing customers), but ND5 XS2 is available so will use that as a starting point.

I just hope the app instability issues get resolved moving forward, a lot to spend on something so affected by Tidal/Name collaboration. They need to resolve their process and understand its a enterprise solution, and they affect each other.

I am trying not to get into ripping CD’s. My preference is Tidal and the likes, so perhaps Roon is the SQ missing link in this case for me moving forward.

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I haven’t tried it yet, sorry. What amp is in your system to go with your streamer? Where do you live, I’m in Whangarei if you want a listen?

Glad to hear you got it working! When I set it up on my synology I had exactly the same issues as you and then all of a sudden it just worked!

How does it sound? You might have to wait until tomorrow to have a good blast on it!

It sounds good. It seems louder. I’ve been going back and forth from the Naim App and it gets a little confusing b/c I see it playing on the Naim App even though I started the Tidal track on the Kazoo app.

Edit - how do I make it play the next track in Kazoo?

Manawatu mate but often up in Auckland for work. I love the Nova and that was my original upgrade plan. But now I am thinking NDX2 with SN2 like you. Perhaps start with SN2, and in future add 250 and use SN2 as p/a before moving to 252/282 perhaps.

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