Superuniti unitiserve ssd

Is anyone using this set up, as Im thinking of selling my uniti2 due to lack of space for CD storage any help appreciated,cheers

I ran a SU with a Unitiserve for a few years, although it was the HDD version with internal storage, and it was a great way to get rid of all those CDs easily. For me that’s the attraction of a streamer, getting rid of those nasty plastic boxes.
You can certainly rip a CD collection easily enough on any computer, but sticking them into a dedicated ripper and being able to hit the play button 5 minutes later makes the process painless.

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It was the SU/US system that got me into streaming. I’m pretty hopeless with IT and was scared of the idea of ripping with a computer and storing on a Nas. It makes ripping really quick and easy, exactly as Chris says.

Do bear in mind though that the Serve is long discontinued and the ability of Naim to help with any problems you encounter seems limited. You’ll need to back up your Serve to a Nas or other storage and that’s something that can be very challenging to set up. Having abandoned the Serve some years ago, my advice is to rip with a computer to a Nas from the off.

The SU should sound substantially better than your Uniti. I really enjoyed mine, though it does perhaps give a slightly chubby sound. An ND5XS with Nait XS is another good option to consider. It’s more flexible - if that’s important - and has a more perky sound.

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