Superuniti upgrade to Nova

Now that the DAB/FM module is available for the Nova, I am now ready to consider an the change. Before organising an audition, It thought it would be good to get some general feedback from anybody who has already upgraded.

So the question is for anybody who has upgraded a Superuniti to a Nova. I know I will get additional functionalit, Roon etc.

Is there a large enough improvement in SQ to warrant the outlay?

My Superuniti is paired with PMC twenty 24 Loudspeakers connected with 3 metres of Chord Oydessy.

In Germany the sound quality of DAB is so bad and is not available via cable like FM before. I would never consider upgrading anything like that. The Internet Radio provides all stations that I need. In UK can be completely different situation.

It’s not a direct comparison, but when I went from UQ2/NAP100 to a Nova, that was quite an improvement. I also have a pre-loved Uniti2, and the Nova is step up from that too, across the board really.

I went from a Superuniti to a Nova, my only concern was the lack of DAB/FM tuner as I listen to my local football team who “split” the frequencies ie one team on FM and one on DAB.
It was a massive sound quality upgrade, I never regretted it and that’s on top of the additional functionality. It is future proof too and it looks great. I use mine with Naim Allaes and it sounds great.



Thanks for your replies.
It is good to know the SQ was a big improvement.
Did you notice much difference with the glass shelf added?

I run a Superuniti in a second system. When I auditioned the Nova, I felt the presentation was quite different and I immediately felt I preferred the sound of the Superuniti.
To my ears, the Nova lost some of the Superuniti’s “life” in comparison.


Yes, it gave a more detailed, tighter sound. I was sceptical about isolation platforms but it was well worth doing.


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I had the SuperUniti and I now have the Nova and I fully agree. So far the Nova is a bit of disappointment.
Presentation is different, more modern ? I don’t know.
3D imaging is better now but sound misses some characters. Bass and low mid disappeared.
However it seems better with the last firmware.

I have bookshelf speaker so I didn’t need lighter sound with tighter bass. It was already tight and bass were ok.
Maybe with floorstanding speaker and poor bass reflex the sound is great, not too boomy


Thanks for the replies. Looks like the jury is split so far.
Next step is going to be a home audition

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Another vote for Nova over SU - when I changed up I was surprised how much better the Nova sounded in my system. No downsides that I could hear and am very happy with my system now.

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I think it’s fair to say that I enjoy the “old” Naim sound, with the excitement, speed, dynamics, sometimes possibly a little bit “rowdy” or unruly, some might say shouty, but I find it makes the music seem to be alive and involving. Lots of snap!
The Nova is great but, to my ears, it simply doesn’t have that excitement of old. A little too polished perhaps? A bit too smooth perhaps? Dare I say a little boring when compared to the Superuniti?
A home demo is definitely the way to go.
You may well prefer the Nova presentation yourself.


If you don’t mind me asking, where did you source the isolation platform from?

It looks like Fraim so I guess ball bearing and cup spares but what about the glass?

I bought Naim cups and balls, 3 off each, and had my local glazier cut a piece of Pilkington toughened glass to size, really pleased with the results.


Thanks Nick. I have what looks like a similar set up with the Nova sitting on a sideboard, I might well give it a go.

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That’s an interesting observation for me. I’ve had my SU for a couple years now and have a mild interest in the Nova from a platform standpoint but not really for SQ. I’m very happy with the SQ of my SU. I’ve listened to the Nova at the dealer and the SQ is good but different. I’m not sure how to express it but I haven’t been compelled to audition one.

With the SuperUniti my enjoyment was always on an emotional high, never questioned , always just thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew it sounded good.

With the Nova, although I really appreciate much the improved connectivity (I’m a roon user), I seem to question or doubt the sound quality at times. This is obviously exasperated by the change in sound along with the discussions here with each firmware update.
I guess I’m saying with the Nova I haven’t got to that same place of contentment that I had with the SU.
This latest update does seem to have improved the sound again although I still find myself questioning it.
This is more of a state of mind in me, I guess, than anything else.

I still have the SU. I should hook it up again and compare before I sell it.
Maybe that should help.

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