SuperUniti with SuperNait3 and Alternatives

hi all,

After couple of years of listening to it everywhere where I could, reading reviews and going through the yellow pages, I finally entered the Naim world few weeks ago with the purchase of a SuperUniti.
I have to say I am delighted with the sound it gives me on my Dynaudio M20s, it is a significant upgrade to my listening experience.
I like the vintage look and feel of the device, and really miss a single thing so far:
I like to keep my house Wi-Fi free, and haven’t found a way to run Tidal like that so far. After turning the Uniti on, I first have to enable wifi, connect the Naim app, play a playlist, and then I can do the rest with wifi off (skipping tracks). Is there a way around it, if my Uniti is connected via Ethernet not to have to turn wifi on?
I actually wanted to get one of the SuperNaits, preferrably 3 series, but it was out of budget. So, as it usually happens in life, I now have a chance to get a used SN3 for a good price, and I am tempted.
Would it make sense to connect the Superuniti as a streamer and NAS device to SN3, how would that work?
What are some alternative ways of achieving a wifi-free streaming/USB/radio setup in your oppinion?
I see few ways of progressing here, keep both devices, sell one of them, or doing some mixture.
I would also like to see a USB input on my streaming device, that way I would not have to separate a music signal coming from my PC with one of those cheap HDMI to Optical devices from the net.
Any advice appreciated, and glad to be entering the community, even with this first step, my ears are getting more pleasure than I expected.


There seems little point in using a SU into a SN, as you’d only be using 1/3 of the SU. You’d be better off with an ND5XS2 or NDX2 dedicated streamer.

To navigate Tidal you really need to use a phone or tablet to access the Naim app directly, or to use Tidal Connect via the Tidal app. And that means using WiFi, which virtually everyone uses.

An Apple iphone or ipad can be connected to your router using an adaptor, the specific version depends on model, but either lightning or usb-c to rj45 socket. Connect this by patch cable to your router which replaces wifi while connected. No experience with Android, but similar may be possible.

As HH suggests, SU is a great all-in-one, doesn’t need a separate amp.

USB input (using a memory stick) is covered in section 2.7 of the Uniti Reference Manual, available on Naim’s website. Worth checking your SU is running the latest firmware (requires a cable, all in the manual, it is not over the air). You may also benefit from a factory reset to clear any settings from previous owner.

I get your point. When you say 1/3, you think of the power I have at my disposal from the SU (2x80W)?
Other than that, technically it would work?
If there are no good streamers that work with Tidal and co. with their own on-board menus, we might have a product niche there; I know many people with wifi-free homes.

I actually tried a usb-c to rj45, and while I can use my phone to browse the net, I can’t get the Naim app to find my device that way.
Firmware is up to date, and the USB memory stick works good, I was thinking about the USB audio input coming from PC which I miss.

I’m thinking that the SU is a streamer, preamp and power amp. If using line out you are only using 1/3 of it, which seems very wasteful. You’ve said you are happy with it, so why not just forget about the Supernait? Unless you have an insurmountable issue with wifi, why not just use it?

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Without information about your control point (phone), it is difficult to comment further.
Best to always be specific and provide detail; what does device relate to?
Likely you will have to grant “permissions”.

ok, got this to work via cable after some restarting, so that’s done.
Thanks for the help both, I appreciate it.
Moving on, is anyone aware of a streamer on which one can control Tidal without the app, meaning using just the onboard controls of the streamer itself? Basic stuff like selecting playlists, favorite albums etc,…

Which app are referring to? Tidal app is required for creating and selecting playlists or designating albums as favourites - no work around. The Naim app also shows (most of) these under the Tidal section.
On Naim streamers, input source selection can be made on earlier streamers, less so on the latest.

I am fine with using the Tidal app or web interface to create playlists and designating albums as favourites - I can do that during my PC time. What I would like to do after my PC time, it to be able to see all those favourites and play them, without the Tidal app this time.

Run Audirvāna on a PC or Mac hard wired to Ethernet. Select source as your super Uniti (I don’t know it but assume it can act as a upnp end point) - no need for Wi-Fi or the Naim app.

thanks BrendanD, I will look into this option, it seems there are ways that make this possible.

You could use a Node or a Wiim into the SU, this might give more modern streaming in addition to the normal Naim strengths

Looking to those old school, everything on the small device display, no smart-phone screen usage days with nostalgy, one remote is all I need, and screen time I get enough during the day anyway. It seems that one app for each function is the way to go nowadays.