Support racks upgrades?

Has anybody moved on from Isoblue, but not as far as the NAIM FRAIM terminus?

What did you purchase? What difference has it made?

Isoblue is really, really good. If you are not moving to the full Fraim, I’d stick with the Isoblue, content in the knowledge that you have a great stand and one that’s great value too.

I’d consider Hutter to replace my Isoblue.

Partly because old rack have some corner damages, partly due to my SU gets very hot as I don’t have Isoblue Extensions.

I do however like some of the Quadrasphire looks better.

Research into Fraim is said to have taken inspiration from the glass shelves on ‘ball nutters’ that people experimented with on Isoblue and other shelves. So you could always get some Fraim glass and ballbearings, or some cheaper DIY equivalents, if you’re up for a bit of tweaking.

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I used a Hutter and upgraded by adding Fraim glass, cups & balls but not sure if the Isoblue has enough height for you to add them.

There is also

It can be done on the lower shelves if you add the wooden extension pieces. I used glass and balls on the top level when I had a CDS2 and it was well worthwhile. I feel, though, that if you extend every level and add glass it’s not cheap and you may as well but the bullet and get Fraim.

There was a four level Fraim on eBay yesterday for £1,250, so it doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s still a lot of money though, and a lot more than your lovely NHS trolley!

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The NHS trolley bless her was only £25 on eBay we rescued her from the ignominy of life as a plant pot stand. I have though been considering a new/old rack but until the right priced one comes along the NHS trolley will do just fine.

She looks great and I bet she works a lot better than a lot of the supports people pay a lot more money for.

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The gap on a standard Isoblue shelf is only 100mm which would be insufficient for a standard Naim box plus 10mm glass and balls. The 35mm extensions would give you enough space.
The slimmer boxes used for the NDAC and XS series would fit with the standard shelf.

Obviously the top shelf would have room for it, but I need that for my wine glass.

Ive got an Isoblue with extensions and will definitely consider adding Fraim glass/balls under the source and pre-amp, the more sensitive items, towards the end of the upgrading path.

But then when i have a bad day at work i feel like paying off the mortgage first instead , the hifi can wait and taking early retirement asap !

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I think you’re onto something there😎

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One to consider is the SimRack. Solid wood and glass. Mine is Oak and I got mine from Cymbiosis.


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