Surround Sound Again?

I am very happy with my main system–Router>eR>Nucleus+>Meridian Ultra Dac>Krell KSA 80B>Apogee Scintilla One Ohm & Vandersteen Model 3 subs. I also have an LG UST Projector and VividStorm Floor Standing Screen for dvd, sat tv, etc. Fueled by the pleathora of very attractive prices on the bay for Meridian 861 surround processors used, I am considering adding a couple of rear speakers. Never did anything with 5.1 or surround sound, etc, so complete newbie there. Can I take a pair of analog outs from my MUD and feed an 861 to rear speakers and get a pleasing result. I already have a spare power amp and a spare pair of speakers, so its just the Surround Processor. Don’t expect it to bw SOTA HT, but just a pleasing addition. These things are going for about 10% of original price. Anyone know whats going on there? I have not heard about anything new in the pipeline? Perhaps I should upgrade the main system with a Mutec Ref10 and a Sean Jacobs PS for the eR?

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