Swapping systems between rooms

And a lot cheaper. :grin:

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That’s exactly it.

An open door acts like a Bass Trap absorbing all frequency. It’s the cheapest upgrade one can get :grin:

In general, acoustic treatment will give the best ratio performance_increase/cost.

One of my “wow” moments was when I covered the ceiling with acoustic treatment.

In terms of perceived improvement (soundstage, details, blabla, etc.) it was equivalent, or greater, then going from the nDAC to the ND555

(I know, it’s like comparing apples and oranges, it doesn’t make sense. But it gives you an idea)

And it costed only 650 euros and some handwork. Not bad :smiley:


Thanks for the comments @Thomas. It was your room treatment thread that inspired my trying a room / system swap.

Out of interest, how is a corner door treated if you want to have it shut to avoid sound spill to another room?

If I understand correctly, you’d like to sound proof your door in order to avoid disturbing your family.

That’s not an easy task.

Sound travels through air and solids.

The lowest the frequency, the higher the level of energy the sound wave carries.

That said, the first step would be to somewhat seal the door.

Simple and cheap, and it makes a significant difference, especially for the upper part of the spectrum.

The next step, would be a double door.

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Hi @Thomas, I forgot to ask you about ceilings. This one is low at 2.05m, what options would there be (full room details are at the top of thread).

Hi Mike,

Swapping rooms was a challenge.

Your previous room was really nice from an acoustic point of view.

All rooms interact with sound.

In the context of reproduced music, those interactions will always be destructive.

So when setting up an audio system, the one thing we should have in mind is the room.

The smaller the room, the bigger the problems.

The math is easy to make and offers some predictability.

Size matters. Size and distances matter a lot!

That leads us to your question, what to do with the ceiling?

Not sure I can be of any help unless you’re willing to follow a path similar to @NigelB 's.

Welcome New Listening Room, Welcome New System!

Ah yes, but I’d then be back where I started in the lounge without a dedicated listening room. I’ve have found the setup in the smaller room to perform better than how it did in the larger lounge where I can’t really play with the layout and furniture because it’s the centre of our home. It’s swings and roundabouts to some extent.

Then I guess you’re all set. You enjoy your system as it is now, and that’s the most important thing :+1:

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@Thomas Well… the first package arrived for my small room. It was to cover first reflections Link.

These are great in my office and go well with the pale grey, white and birch wood look. Still waiting on a larger bass trap that covers the back wall and ceiling.

First impressions are… :flushed: :flushed: :astonished:

I really don’t know how to explain it… but, I never realised how noisy my walls were. It’s like my system has been moved into a large open space and the sound, instruments are free. The soundstage, instruments and vocals have become extremely clear in terms or edge and positioning and the bass has improved as well. Not sure why but I can only imagine it’s due to the mids & highs no longer reflecting and masking them. Totally unexpected.

So… @Mike_S you now have a space in which you can do as you wish. I strongly recommend looking at something like these for first point reflections and behind listening position as well. There are a lot more fancy decorative alternatives available as well.

To put it into context. Those £75 foam panels gave just as big a sound improvement as a new major box. I thought I knew what my system sounded like… in reality, I was listening to it and my walls. It sounds far better without my walls! Can’t wait for the bass traps to arrive!

I don’t really have a free range to start adding stuff to the walls…

My Fraim Lite should arrive here on Monday, it left the dealers yesterday. So that should resolve the setup.

I’m in a bit of dilemma with the exiting of the NZ Naim distributer and my dealer from selling Naim next month. I need to decide whether to stay with the SN2 / HiCAP as end-game. Otherwise I may be able to get a newish 252 and a recently serviced and DR’d Olive Supercap. But I’ll need to get a power amp, which probably means a new 250 and a Superlumina, as I have the IC and speaker cables. The 300 is crazy money here.

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Indeed, room treatment, despite some members’ comments, is ALWAYS a revelation (unless you enjoy noise, of course).

It is the fact that you bought 8 panels that made the difference.
You covered ~3 m2.
When well placed, they make massive difference.

But be carefull. You chose thin foam panels. It means you hit frequencies from ~350Hz and above.

Your panels have an immediate effect on the upper spectrum. Your gains are : stereo image and intelligibility. But they do nothing for the lower mids and bass (it’s just like if they weren’t there).

If you add more, I would suggest going for thicker panels 6 inches. It will cover a larger part of the spectrum. More balanced absorption.

But I guess the bass traps you ordered will do the trick.

The rule of thumb is : there is no such thing as to much bass traps, but do not add to much foam!

Have fun and enjoy your “new” hifi system :smiley:


That would be a massive step up Mike :flushed:

Agreed, difficult one regards the distributor/dealer issue.

Thanks @Thomas

Yeah, these are the thins first. I sent them pics of the room etc so this is stage 1. Next will be more absorbing panels rear and front top corners. Just waiting on the brackets for those though.

Even now the imaging sounds incredible. Thanks to your posts and the advice for what to go for from them it seems to be paying off!

@Mike_S Shame you can’t sneak a panel or two in but, we have to keeping happy home happy at the end of the day… that is the most important thing after all!!!


You can try some panels , ask a specialist like GIK or other to order the right ones and then see how it works for you.
Despite some claiming that it’s ALWAYS beneficial, it was not my case, neither some guys i know here. But I know others who advocate the room treatment above all.
Try an online site which propose try and return possibility.
The problem with important acoustic treatment is that you gain on some aspects but loose on other. However this lost for some is a gain for some…
Better, my opinion only, is to start very slowly with that and see how you perceive the difference.
I would first try some isoacoustics Gaia under your speakers.

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This is an interesting one, as the Totem speakers have purpose built supports, and they do sound pretty solid in their presentation.

I’m trying (unscientifically) to get the first reflections with furniture. Behind the listening position, in each corner, are doors, so I just have those open if I need to and it releases the low frequency resonance. Once I have the Fraim Lite in, I can probably treat behind the speakers easily enough with something tidy. I’m not sure what options are available in NZ, so I’ll need to research that.

Mike if you do t mind me asking how much will the 282/SC combo set you back. It’s something I’ve been considering but I’d need to get a NDX 2 as well and my only trade would be the 272.

I think a couple of the nice GIK decorative panels behind the sofa would make a difference. Because the wall behind me was quite close, similar to you, I knew I was getting reflections back from the wall. I hung a thick curtain as a test and it did improve the sound a little. I’ve placed two panels behind me now. If my room was more of a family room, I would use the GIK panels as they’re more decorative.

You are fortunate to have a lot of space either side of your speakers which works in your favour and, as you’ve mentioned, placing furniture or plants etc between the walls and speakers can help a lot.

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Nothing is set in stone at this stage. It’s possibly a used 252/Olive serviced/DR’d SC for a little less than a new 282 hopefully. But, Mums the word…

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Without trying you can’t know. A lot have tried here the Gaia and some have already speakers with solid stands. Mine came with very heavy and tall spikes . But the ceramic isolation devices cleaned the bass and the sound dramatically.
A heavy carpet between your sofa and center of your speakers can absorb a bit too. At least if does a positive thing in my room.

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Carpet definitely does help.

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