Sweet AO

Simply Sinner!

Are we supposed to understand what this is about?

Better than sweet FA I guess.


Tennis. I believe. A stunning comeback

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I see. Sinner turns out to be a player. Who knew?

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AO…Australian Open! Got it.

Probably the most obscure thread I’ve seen.

Yes, good on Sinner think it was first grand slam win and possibly the changing of the guard.

Pete,sorry for that.Bear in mind that English is not my language and my way of choosing some adjective or adverb sometime is not the best and it can work in Italian but not in Engljsh.Will study more,I promise.:confounded:

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No problem English is my first language and you’re probably still better than me at it anyway. :rofl::rofl:

The macabre story of poor Sweet Fanny Adams.

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I was thinking of F… All. But, thanks for the link - I didn’t know that.

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I wasn’t aware of the poor girl’s fate either, but her name was often used in comments when I was a youngster - seems utterly distasteful and disrespectful in context. How times have changed.

I was thinking Football Association of Ireland but presumed I was just being parochial again.


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