Switch change from Cisco to Netgear

For energy resons I changed from Cisco 3750g to a Netgear GS724T V4…this is my main hub…and distributes across the house then I use sub switches for very local distribution. Anyway all works…but the sound quality has definately taken a bit of a hit… I am considering bypassing the cheap little netgear switch mode supply and putting in a new linear supply…which will consist of a supply with 3 voltages…+12v, -12v and 5v. Current supply ripple is rated at 50mv…the Belleson supplies are .1mv…nice, with an ultra low impeadence…

You could consider using an iFI SMPS as they are better quality versions than standard SMPSs.

Additionally put a quality switch, for example, Chord EE8, nearer the streamer with a higher quality Ethernet cable for the last link to the streamer.

Router —> Good quality Ethernet cable —> Netgear GS724T V4 —> Good quality Ethernet cable —> EE8 —> Higher Quality Ethernet cable —> Streamer.

I found that this worked extremely well for my system, so something worth considering


Surely a false economy then.

Put the Cisco back! :slightly_smiling_face:

The visco is good but is extremly power hungery…burning around 30kw a month!!!
Yes I have a quality switch in my hifi den…but the netgear has still impacted… Don’t get me wrong its not a massive difference…but noticeable…I will change the psu and report back…but it will take a while.

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Is it a normal white Cisco 2960?

No its a commercial 3750g an ansolute beast…24 port…it weighs a ton…very noisey. It is poe capable…up to about 400w… Good for audio…but chewing through 70w per hour without poe expensive to run 24/7

Ah - ok, that makes sense.

I didn’t see how the 2960s could use so much energy.

The 3750g is a bit of a monster…the champ in its day…about 12 years ago!!!

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