Switch din to phono input/supernait

Out of the blue no signal on lhs vinyl
this goes via a tisbury audio phono stage
swapped in another one of these
swapped over another headshell from system 2
all works fine on system 2

do i have to do something to enable phono sockets rather than DIN as need to try another input?
yes tried the manual

As far as I know there’s nothing that can disable or enable rca vs din on any of the inputs.
Perhaps you have a stuck relay on the input, are others working?

Thanks for the consideration- swapped everything over and not the amp as did it on another

its been a morning of much swapping of the 2 turntables 2 phono stages swapping leads etc etc etc and much tearing of hair
main set up ok and something odd with the tt phono out on one of the turntables I think- so at the moment its working and after several hours on this I’ll leave it and go for a walk in the sun I thinK!

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