After a little advice in plain English ideally on how to make my “switch” better.

After successful results with the ADOT solution I’m keen to optimise further.

System is NDS/555, 552, innuos Zenith mk3 into active ATC 40’s

In front of my system

  • internet access point to sky router via a standard grey cable (ethernet I assume)
  • sky router into netgear gs105 via a chord c stream cable
  • netgear gs 105 into ADOT via a melco cable (ADOT uses standard power supply)
  • ADOT into Innuos via meclo cable
  • Innuos into NDS via Melco cable (both Innuos and NDS have powerlines)

I have been reading about the Innuos Phoenix net, the EE8 switch and a Plixir power supply for the Adot but would welcome thoughts on how to improve as my brain is wired to being technical and I found it all a tad confusing.


probably cant help much but i do have an ee8 between BT home hub and a Nova and it is better than the gs105, whether its worth the money though may be subjective, i bought mine used.
I did try a more boutique cable (hand made from ebay) between router and phone access point but it was rubbished by a BT engineer when i had dropouts (not the cable fault but external issue), who said it did not meet spec. So the thin one remains supplied with the router.

As you have bought the ADOT i would try adding the Plixir or other quality ps. I found the ADOT did-not improve the Phoenixnet that I have in a home demo.

Thanks Gazza, hifidog, thought I would get a lot more feedback looking at contributions in other switch threads but appreciate your replies.

Some of the options like Plixir and ee8 aren’t cheap per se and I don’t want to pile in where I can’t demo….


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