Switching between Roon and Spotify Connect

Hi, I’m currently running Roon through Ropieee XL with an Allo digione signature and it’s working great and really enjoying it.

One thing I have noticed around convenience is that if someone wants to use Spotify Connect you have to stop playing on Roon, before being able to connect and play to that endpoint from Spotify.

I’ve searched around the forums and not been able to find anything around this topic. I’m wondering if that is the same case when streaming from an Atom, ND5XS2 or NDX2 ?

Are you able to just connect to those players via the Spotify app and they will connect or do you need to stop the Roon stream as well?

If you using any streaming app on any computer in exclusive mode which Ropieee runs in the you have to stop the app playing as it’s got exclusive access to the audio hardware for the best quality so no system sounds pollute your music. No apps can automatically switch to their streams on a pc they are not built that way. Same would apply to windows or mac.
All streamers will just auto stop the current stream and switch source input to the new stream when you play to them using any app. Wether it’s worth paying the extreme price difference if your happy with what you have now is a different question.

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. I guess it’s something to consider if I did want to switch from the digione signature and qutest but really happy with the sound the produce.

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