Switching from PVR to Apple TV 4K causes the sound to mute?

I have recently purchased an Apple TV 4K. It connects to my NDX 2 really well and listening to streamed music videos is a delight.

Putting the NDX 2 to one side, when I switch sources on my Samsung Q90, (From Manhattan PVR to the Apple TV) the sound mutes on the Apple TV. Sound Settings on the Samsung TV makes no difference. The only solution is to switch the Apple TV off, then back on again.

My setup:
Apple TV 4K: HDMI Out to HDMI 4 on Samsung Q90.
Manhattan PVR: HDMI Out to HDMI 1 on Samsung Q90.
Samsung Q90: Optical Out to Bose 300 Sound bar Optical In.
The reason I’m using Optical from Samsung Q90 to Bose Sound bar, is because the Samsung and the Bose have a ‘Handshake’ issue when trying to use the HDMI ARC, whereby the Samsung Q90 does not see the Soundbar.
I’m not interested in the Soundbar having wi-fi, as I don’t use it for music.

I was going to bin the Soundbar and get two large Apple Home Pods, but they’ve been discontinued. Also, I don’t think the Manhattan PVR would be able to connect to them.

Any ideas please guys on how to resolve muted sound on the Apple TV, or perhaps try a different configuration of connections. HDMI cables are all AudioQuest.
I have tried Tech help from Apple, Samsung and Bose. No result.

Thanks :+1:

Shot in the dark, but try putting the Apple TV into HDMI 1 and the PVR into 4.
This wont work…I do not even know why Ive suggested it.

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@Neilb1906 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:I read it somewhere that the HDMI port 4, has a better bandwidth??

The Samsung HDMI ports are stuffed up ever since we had the TV. Plug something into HDMI port 2. and the TV say’s it’s in HDMI port 1 and vice versa.
Plug the Soundbar into the TV ARC (HDMI 3) and the TV say’s, “An ARC unsupported device is connected”!
I will try them like you said.

@DJM I can’t tell from your op if you have tv sound via a soundbar only or if it is located alongside your Naim system, in which case this may help.

In my hobby room, sound via a Naim SU, using optic, while apple 4k tv, which of course is now only hdmi out, is connected to an “Audio Extractor Converter, HDMI to HDMI + Audio (SPDIF + RCA Stereo)” purchased on big river - cost about 1/6th of apple 4ktv box. (I also feed sky HD hdmi to tv, with another optic to SU). None of my sound kit has hdmi inputs.
From splitter hdmi output connected to tv, optic to SU. Surprisingly I didn’t notice any quality drop; sound is good.

NDX2 also has optic in, so this might be an option, if you can use sound via your Naim setup. I suspect it will mean a compromise because it will require selecting sound inputs because there will be no HDMI “prompt”.

On another tv with full 5.1 setup, my tv (recent LG) does not react correctly all the time to HDMI feeds from SkyHD or Oppo player (to which a second Apple tv is connected.)
Other threads have reported HDMI / tv issues, and Naim have commented that different manufacturers use different implementations of HDMI, so may be a case of the best workaround.

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Try setting the sound output format in the Apple TV to stereo to see if that fixes the issue.

Also, try removing the mains supply (power) from all devices connected via HDMI at the same time for a few minutes and then restore the power. HDMI does not like connections when power (even in standby) changing.

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Thank you @sound-hound. I have the TV sound via the Bose Soundbar.

My HDMI ports don’t know what day it is! I reset everything plugged all the HDMIs in. It found the Apple TV OK, but it thought my Blue-ray player was a Sky TV box, and thought the Manhattan PVR was a Now TV box!

Thanks I have tried that, but not tried setting the Apple TV to stereo. Doing that though, won’t give me Dolby on films etc…Will it?

The issue seems to be that your Samsung is not relaying AppleTV HDMI audio to the Soundbar via optical. Some TVs will limit the audio out format over optical, have you specifically tried the stereo option suggested as possible the Samsung won’t relay surround sound (which surround format, especially if the TV might not be able to decode newer formats).

One thing I’d be tempted to try is getting HDMI ARC to work with a different HDMI lead assuming the soundbar can decode the surround format AppleTV is outputting over HDMI. I struggled to get HDMI ARC working for stereo AppleTV audio from Samsung to Nova - took ages to realise my HDMI cable on HDMI ARC from TV to Nova was too old - a cheap braided Amazon basics ARC capable HDMI lead worked straight away.

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Assuming correct TV a techradar review of the Q90 suggests it does not support Dolby Vision and possibly not Atmos if that’s what AppleTv is outputting.

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Re-reading Are you saying if you restart AppleTV you get sound through the Bose ?

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As for the original Homepods I used a pair with a projector and AppleTV and the are pretty impressive for the price, however the were quite prone to audio dropouts. Maybe my wifi but as they don’t have ethernet difficult to remedy.

The small Homepods are a pale imitation from what I’ve read, but I have seen some rumours that Apple may be planning original Homepod replacements - they had too many compromises (no aux in, no bluetooth, wifi only, too reliant on Siri/Apple Music integration though good for Airplay).

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Yes that’s correct.

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