Switching switches question

I am getting my uptone ER switch tomorrow :crossed_fingers:
I’m using an ndx2/xpsdr.
When disconnecting old switch and installing the ER, do I need to switch off the xpsdr (and thus turn off the ndx2) before hooking up the ER? Btw, have yet to turn off the ndx2/xps.

No don’t worry, you can unplug Ethernet as much as you like with the power on. A note though, when you plug back in your ndx2 will detect this and try to get an IP address from your router. This means the router side of the ER should be plugged in first otherwise it wont communicate.

Thanks. I’m also using a wireless access point - I’m going to plug this into the A side of the ER. I assume the wap will still work? I won’t have to reprogram the wap? I’m using this to enable WiFi for my iPad which has the Naim app.

yes the WAP should be fine in the ER, its just a 4 port switch on the A side. Using WiFi to a WAP is not really any different (from a network sense) to plugging in via a cable, the WAP bridges its wireless and cabled sides together passing data between.

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