Symbols and Colours?

Perhaps i’ve just missed them, but on the old forum we could introduce symbols (such as a square root sign, Greek letters, etc) and change the colour of the text - useful when highlighting an issue.

Is this possible in the new forum ?

PS I appreciate that I can create my text in Word, for example, then copy and paste into the forum, (but it was nice to be able to use quite a few symbols and colours directly in the old forum.)

Likewise I couldn’t find when I wanted the ohm symbol earlier today.

I can do accents when using iPad or iphone, using its inbuilt facility touching the key for longer, and I have installed the greek keyboard as an additional keyboard option so can use greek symbols, but I don’t think there’s a maths keyboard, so no ability for sqrt sign etc AFAIK

I raised the question when we were beta testing, we need some of the basics & an ohm symbol is top of my list. There was no answer so I assume its still on the to-do list

Ah! sq rts; powers; and fractions eg 1/2; 1/3 etc are top of my list …
… but I don’t wish to start a bidding war :sunglasses:

Let’s hope something can be done.

We’ve been looking into it with our developer and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything like this available (yet?). However, in the meantime, while HTML entities don’t get encoded either, you could cut and paste from a symbol table, such as the one here:

It’s the best solution we can offer right now. Sorry.

Thank you Richard.

I’m sure we’ll get used to it and manage.
And thank you for the link to the symbol table.

Cheers, Don