Sympathetic/tolerant electrician: Leeds area?

I’ve recently moved to Leeds and want to add a 10mm2 dedicated radial circuit for my system. It looks like running 10mm armoured cable around the exterior wall will be the least disruptive route.

Q1: Does anyone know of a good electrician in the Leeds area who would do the work without questioning my sanity?

Q2: Would most electricians have the equipment to test my mains supply for over/under voltage or even DC offset?

Background to Q2: I am getting some transformer noise and would hope to be able to diagnose the problem and, if necessary, talk to the electricity supplier before trying DC blockers/filters etc. There is a thermostat for a corn snake that makes the noise worse when it kicks in, but otherwise I can’t find anything internally that impacts the noise. This makes me wonder if there is an issue with the house supply. This is my third NC NAP250 (don’t ask about the second) and it is significantly quieter than the first sample (which was really loud), but it is still audible. It was dead quiet at the dealers.

The current house wiring is recent, but the all the ground floor sockets apart from the kitchen share the same circuit on what looks like 2.5mm twin and earth.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

Try replacing that - or replace the Corn Snake…!!!

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In which case the name of the installing or inspecting electrician would be on the certificate you should have. It will also likely be on the consumer unit (fuse box). If you use a different electrician, they would inspect all the installation, before issuing a new certificate. Your dealer may also have a contact.


Questioning sanity is 10x better than an audiophile sparky who gets carried away. I had one such electrician who was really into it and he took the plans for wiring the house to silly extremes and put the project months behind schedule while I reigned him in.

I really wish I had gone with eye roller who grumbled at my requests and did them reluctantly. Would’ve been so much easier.

My advice is just find a “good” sparky with a reputation for good work and not worry about whether they are audiophile sympathetic.


Looked one up in Trusted Trader

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I definitely would if disconnecting the snakeostat fixed the noise, but unfortunately it is only slightly better…

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Does it cause a… hissing noise… :snake: :crazy_face:

Sorry… Just has to…!!!

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