Synology DSM-7

I have both Asset and minim on my 218+.
Still.on dsm 6. Whatever.

I have assumed that a move to dsm 7 would loose minim and I’d have to download the asset version for dsm 7.

As I don’t really use minim, it’ll be no real loss for me to move to dsm 7.
I’ll just wait for the dust to settle on it first and upgrade in a month’s time or so.

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Minimserver is in the package centre , I think under beta packages. I upgraded to dsm7 and re installed minim. I do have a licence for minim.

As an aside whilst we’re on the topic of Synology, talking with the insurance company a couple of weeks ago about my CD collection got me thinking that if I lost all the CDs (there’s about 2800 of them) I would be sad, but I would be devastated if I lost all of the rips of them I’ve got on the NAS.

I run a Synology 218+, which I backup each night to an older 4 bay ReadyNAS that I keep down in the workshop. I’ve got a 6 monthly repeating reminder in my calendar to take another backup to a USB drive, which I keep elsewhere in the house.

But being properly paranoid, I decided to give cloud backups a try. I’ve bought a subscription to Synology C2 (which is around US$70 per year per terabyte). 2TB is sufficient to hold my collection. I’ve used HyperBackup (which as your would expect integrates natively with C2), running a nightly differential backup.

C2 with HyperBackup works similar conceptually to TimeMachine. Each backup set shows the total file store (so you don’t need to restore a series of backups). This also means that if you want to go to an older version of a modified file you just go to the backup prior to the change you want to revert).

The only thing I had to change was my broadband plan; a 100Mb’s download plan (which ran at about 25Mb/s up) would have taken around 11 days to run the first backup. The easy option of giving my telco another $15 a month (about 7 pounds) took me to 1Gb/s down, and about 400Mb’s up, fixing that particular problem.

So thus far the C2 option is very easy for backup and restoration. If you’ve got a Synology NAB, I would recommend C2 as a cost effective off-site backup that doesn’t require a huge amount of tech savvy to set up.

OK, at first I could not find a beta section in Package Center, but it’s there, it’s like a sub section, you just need to know how to open it.
The open beta packages is in the bottom section of the Packages screen, open that & MinimServer is listed.

That’s good to know. There’s a thread on this in the Minimserver forum. It would appear Simon Nash, working with Synology submitted a working version for DSM7.0 but Synology’s release version broke something. See more on the Minim forum. I think I’m going to play safe and wait a few days before upgrading to 7.0 on my Synology.



I have two Synology NASes and I have upgraded my DS415+ that is supported by DSM7. My DS412+ missed the cut so is stuck at 6.2.

My main reasons for upgrading were to use the new Synology Photos package for automated phone photo backup, the improved Storage Manager, and performance improvements.

If you are using your NAS primarily for audio serving then there is no big reason to upgrade, nor is there any reason to expect any audio improvement from upgrading. Indeed, you may find you have issues updating both Asset and MinimServer after the DSM7 upgrade.

For Asset you’ll need to install the DSM7-specific package, while MinimServer currently has a beta package for DSM7 that you will need to install as noted above. Minim no longer depends on the separate Java8 package (which has been deprecated) as it now includes an embedded Java runtime.

If you need to upgrade Minim, make sure you install the beta package over the existing Minim installation. You might have other problems if you first remove the old Minim package and then install the beta.

‘Don’t buy anything new’ has always been my mantra, let the bug catchers do their work first. I gained that insight when part of my job with a large multi-national was managing field testing & also as warranty manager where I paid for the consequences.
However in these retirement days I’ve got into beta testing, so am now a one of the bug catchers, but not with Synology I must add.

I am pleased to say, so far, fingers crossed & knocking on wood, DSM-7 has been bug free.
Probably thanks to the 3 or so years its been in development. The beta test program looked to be very detailed & thorough over a long period.
The only thing I have noticed is it uses more RAM than DSM-6 (running Asset its gone from around 35/45% to 45/53%).
On the other hand, CPU in use is marginally less.
None of this is a matter of concern, but maybe a larger memory, 1GB might be better.

After many frustrating hours trying to get Roon Core working on my Synology NAS after installing DSM 7 I have finally cracked it. In case there is anyone else that encounters this problem this is how I solved it. There is a beta version of Roon available which I installed on my attached USB SSD, but it would not run, showing a message ‘Manually Stopped’. Eventually I succeeded by uninstalling Roon and removing the folder on the SSD. Next installed the RoonServer on the internal HDD. Then renamed that folder and set up a shared folder on the SSD (RoonServer) and copied across the the files from the folder on the HDD. Finally on the remote devices I had to choose to set up a different core.

Roon has been running pretty stable on my synology with DSM 7 beta, unfortunately the final DSM 7 only comes out to my model on the last quarter 2021.

The last available version at the moment needs a force scan of the folders when adding new álbuns if you never restart your Synology. But other than that is running ok.

Had some quirks updating to the latest package of roon 20210809 beta, but uninstalling only the package and maintaining the settings and reinstalling resolved the problem.

My Roon is also stable. The problem I had installing Roon Beta, was due to the fact that my RoonServer folder was on an external SSD.

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