Synology DSM-7

The long awaited Synology DSM-7 is about to go in the hopper, the Release Candidate is now available.
I’m not tempted simply because I have too much other stuff to do for a few weeks & don’t want this distraction.
If anybody is tempted, it’ll be great if you post on whatever/anything you find.

I’m not sure when the official release (automatic update) is coming, www chat says July

I’ll let a few others go first!
But I expect temptation will get the better of me though.

Can’t see a driver to upgrade. Got Asset running, Google cloud backup doing offsites and two Ubuntu VMs.

All very stable and trouble free.

Does DSM7 have a new killer feature?

Hi @IainO the update link is in www Synology Download Center
Keeping in mind this is just the release candidate, if & when we all go to official release of DSM-7, we will also need to update Asset to the DSM-7 version.
I don’t think it will change much if anything with existing backups, but when I do get DSM-7 I plan to delete & clean up my existing setup.
There’s no killer feature that stands out for music replay that I can see.

I think Asset for dsm7 is already to download. But you’re right, the current dsm/asset works fine.

My nas does a number of things, and serving flacs via asset to my ndx2 is one it does very well. As well as take rips direct from dbpoweramp.

Yes Asset for DSM-7 is ready, as & when you need it.

Hopper? Translation. That means into the toilet, waste bin for me.

A hopper is the receptacle that grain is placed before it’s released into the mill (flour mill)
In the Hopper is an english (american english) phrase, as a phrase it means that something is almost ready & is going through the last fine tuning before it is ready to be presented.

I’ll probably update at some point, but won’t be an early adopter. The NAS is isolated on home network, and not internet exposed, so no rush even from a security standpoint.

Unless someone comes along and says Asset sounds better on DSM7… Then I’ll install straight away lol

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Nothing has come up in Package Center on either of mine ( 220j & 216j) so I don’t think I’ll be in any rush

Now the Official Release is out I’ve manually updated to DSM7.
13, 14 & 15 series models do not auto-update to DSM7, so it’s up to you.

Its different visually & a lot of new stuff to investigate over the next few days.
The big one so far as we are concerned is you need to install the new Asset for Synology DSM7.
I’m not sure about Minimserver, its no longer available as a Synology 3rd party package, but I understand Minimserver have it covered.

I first installed it over DSM6 & it would not open the GUI or iPad UPnP, I now suspect it was because it was in the middle of a rescan, so patience is required I suspect.
(right or wrong) I uninstalled & reinstalled DSM7 as new, now it all opens OK.
Consequently its reverted to default & all my personal preferences need re-config - (I always have saved copies of browse tree & other settings, so its no bother)

Whatever its all working OK regarding Asset & Naim UPnP streaming.
Lots to investigate with the new Synology … I’ll post more if its Naim/Asset relevant

And (if its relevant) I’m using Asset R7.3 beta.

Its being released in steps to different regions, it will arrive in time.
UK region (me) has not been released yet, thats why I manually installed.

I know I’ll end up moving to 7 218+.
But reality is that 6. whatever works fine and drives Asset and mimimserver well.
I guess moving to 7 means minimserver will stop working? Not a but loss as I tend to use Asset.

I understand Minimserver has been verified with DSM7, but I don’t know what’s involved …. hopefully a Minimserver user can post.

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I’m using Minimserver the last version, before the new paid version. I’m not going to the new version because I’m not a fan of their payment system. I would have been perfectly happy paying for the old version but I wasn’t offered that option. Knowing about DSM7 I won’t change that either. None of the above gives me anything I need and will probably waste a S**T Ton of my time. Right now everything is stable sounds great and doesn’t need anything.


I updated my DS218play to DSM 7 and have found an issue with the Synology certificate (says it is expired) I have a ticket open with their support but it is now being escalated to the head office and developers! So, if you do update check the Certificate under Security.

My update (DS214) worked OK, all previous DSM-6 settings retained.
The certificate is shown as ‘default certificate’ & valid until 24/12/2033

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@Mike-B I also have a DS214 Were you using Minimserver? I’m leery of DSM 7 messing with it.

No, I use Asset, they have a specific DSM-7 version.
I’ve looked at Minim as a mate uses it & is asking for help. But it’s not clear. Simon says it’s in the Package Center, but it’s not, no Minim is included with DSM-7 anymore.
Best ask on the Minim forum.

Guess I’ll not be updating to DSM 7 until my NAS goes belly up. I’d pay to not have to upgrade Minimserver. I hate it when companies feel the need to fix stuff that isn’t broken. It’s like these companies just don’t give a damn if they waste my time, and that’s one of my biggest complaints these days.