Synology NAS DS718+ as back backup, play back woes

Hi all ,
I am using a DS718+ as a back up for my Naim Core , I have tried to use the same files from within the Naim backup file structure to play back via Audiostation and DSAudio , but the metadata and album Cover art is a total mess. I think I may have to rip my cd collection again via
Db power amp and then up load the new files to the NAS to get it to all work as it should ,
Unless one of you has a work around to get the Core backup file to work correctly ?


This is because of the idiosyncratic way the Core rips to WAV. If you can get it to convert its database to flac and then back up to the nas, the backup should play fine.

I also have a DS 718 + and follow this thread … In mine I ripped to wav via unitiserve and I simply copied to the synology. It works perfectly I use synology’s x media server now, then I will also put Minimserver

Yes I guessed as much , play back is fine but track info , track order is missing ,
The only albums that show album art are the few albums ripped in FLAC , but again the rest of the metadata is messed up .

I renamed the covers to Folder.jpg and on some discs the tracks are not in real order. I do not know why

The reason is given in HH post, Naim rips to WAV in a unique way without embedded metadata, the metadata is linked to the data stream in a unique way that’s only done by Naim . This means a WAV file ripped in a Naim machine will never play correctly in other streamer player brands.
To correct the problem, the file must be converted to FLAC in the Unitiserve, then it can be converted back to a ‘normal’ WAV file if required with something like dBpoweramp.

It will seem strange. But I strappo in wav in Unitiserve and copy the result in other nas and listen! And there are also the covers!

The solution to this problem was easy with the Unitiserve, as you could use it to convert your library to FLAC, which then made the metadata visible to non-Naim servers.
Unfortunately I believe the Core does not give you this option to transcode the files to FLAC, and you have to select the format before ripping.
I understand that some third party software called Songkong can be used to re-tag your library to make it readable by non-Naim servers.

Thanks Chris, I know the Serve can convert from WAV to flac - in fact I did it myself - but wasn’t sure about the Core. I know the Core cannot transcode, but this is about conversion, so I hoped it could at least do that.

When I said transcode, I didn’t mean ‘on the fly’ as the Unitiserve could, just converting the whole library after ripping. I’m pretty sure I’m right that the Core can only be set to WAV or FLAC when you rip, but perhaps a Core user can confirm this, as I still have my US.

Perhaps our resident Core expert @davidhendon can throw some light on the subject.

The Core can rip to FLAC or WAV, but unlike Unitiserve it has no capability to convert or transcode, so whatever you ripped a CD in, that’s the way the rip stays.



Thanks David, so Songkong it is for Mrblue.

Have now used SongKong and it worked just fine . Excellent user guides on setting up on PC , Mac or NAS.

Thank everyone for your help


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Glad to hear you got it sorted in the end.

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