Synology NAS

hi everyone, I have a Synology DS212J, to be connected to an NDS, and I can’t install JAVA8, to make Minimserver work.
Anyone know how to help me?

Have you looked on the MinimServer website? They give comprehensive instructions how to install on all the Synology nas. They have different processors in different models and the install instructions can vary between models but they are all detailed on the site.

Minimserver is installed, but it requires Java to works,and i can’t find a way to install it

is there another equal to miniserver, which shows the covers on the naim app?

Go to package centre on the nas and try installing java 8 . If you search on the packages using the search window it should find the java package.

You should able to install Java8 to the Synology by logging in as. Admin, opening package centre, looking in All Packages and it should be there?
From memory Minim should be installed after Java.

I have a 212j though minim is not installed but just checked and the java app is there.

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i have opened the package centre but there’s not Java8

Are you logged in as admin and did you search for it?

yes , thanks to everyone but i can’t find it :hot_face:

Which version of Dsm are you running? Mine is 6.2.2 24922 update 4.

screenshot enclosed. At the top of the package center window search for java and this is what you should see. The java app is part of the wider community apps not ‘a standard’ Synology app.

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Are you on the latest DSM operating system release on your NAS?
Also if not in packages there should be an option to search in the wider community from The Package Centre?

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mine is 6.2.3-25426

I have Synology DS214 & used MinimServer in the past, I now use Asset UPnP which is a simple one item install package. Its very easy to install, works straight out of the box & has a lot of fine tuning features. It really is an excelent software package, as good as Minim for rock,pop, jazz, folk type albums, but not as good as Minim for its classical music browsing & sorting features.
Only problem is I’m not sure your DS212j OS will work with it, the easiest way to find out is to get a free trail version, if it works OK then you can buy the full features licence version. Got to & its on that page.

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Do I try to install your dms 6.2.2 24922 ?

Appears from Synology support “” that Java is not part of the standard suite of packages for your NAS?

If you search for it as per my screenshot above it finds the java app for you to install. Just search for java in all packages.

No Java, maybe if try to downgrade the DMS version?

You can get a Java from www Java

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Save the file on a pc/laptop then point to it with manual instal from DSM on the NAS.