System 552/500/sl2

The only problem with this level…you need to raise 10-11 volume to get best performance from this equipment otherwise it sound dull… but on the other hand you get problems with your neighbors…it’s a great equipment to live without neighbors …don’t have enough money for a private house…life is not perfect :rofl: :rofl: :yum:

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Must be tough listening to a dull system. I wouldn’t bother with such underperforming items as a 552/500 with rubbishy speakers like SL2s :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I think you are right and correct …sl2s is to weak for this electronic

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Try to replace those"polite" speakers and you will see…
at that level of output,you causing a serious damage to your hearing.
In general, for a decent session , it’s hardly above 9 in mine room…

I like to have energy or vibe to my music…without vibe I’m boring…when I sit on my couch between my speakers I’m trying to imagine a real live concert

Try explain it to your neighbors :grinning:

I’m scared they r going to kill me …lol :grinning: :grin:


Strange. I own the SBLs and find they are about the best speakers I have had for listening at low as well as higher volume levels.

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SBL agree but not Sl2

Interesting. An excellent reason for me to NOT to be tempted.

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Must say that sl2 or sbl’s aren’t going to be the best at low volume, just no real bass. You will get much better results from a speaker more willing to work well at low volumes, if you go try

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Get some extra beers in and invite them round. :beer::beer::notes::notes::notes:

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What other brands of speakers can you hear in your area? I don’t know if there’s a lot of high end hifi shops in Israel…

I listen to SL2s on very low, low or moderate volumes.

Usually at night when my kids are asleep upstairs.

They sound great (the speakers, not the kids).

(There’s no lack of bass response.)

Very good for TV audio too.

The Arivas I used to have were even better at very low volumes.


What’s your living room size Meni? I’ve got a similar system bar CD555 with just one 555DR powering it and SL on the 500. We’ve got neighbours to think about too but I wouldn’t call the system dull at all even at less than 8pm. 9pm it really gets going but I only go there when I know they’re away or it’s a Friday/weekend even though they’re retired. To be fair, they’ve never complained and have their fair share of parties so we have a live and let live arrangement.

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I get really decent controlled bass in this room but they’re as close to a solid wall as possible. Even though the room floor is suspended floorboards, the speakers are sited on concrete pillars I had built onto the house foundations during the renovations.

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I had sbl’s for years, passive and active, solid wall and floor, yes they sound ok, but really it is only ok at any volume, at low volume they just dont come alive, you might think they do, that is till you get some speakers that do.
On a 552/500 i can certainly say your system could be better, but its going to cost, plenty of info on here,

Yeah, I know that the SL2s limit the system (I’ve heard DBLs & Dynaudio Confidence 50s - both superb!) but until we’re able to move to a bigger place I’ll be keeping hold of them.

I suspect @Dunc is right on this one. I love my SL2s but I fully accept that they are probably the weakest link in my system primarily because I have to run them passive and the crossover is probably a limiting factor. However, in my small listening room, I do need the speakers to be up against the wall and, for that reason, it’s probably best to keep them. I might look at whether it’s possible to run upgraded PXOs on them at some point though.

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