System automation 332 and NDS

Hi all,
I just replaced my nac282 with a 332 and wondering how do I set up wired automation like I did before.

What socket do I use on the back of the 332 as I don’t see an RC5 in as before.

The New Classics have dual purpose sockets that take either optical or electrical 3.5mm jack plugs, so they are backwards compatible with older streamers.

So I connect it to the control-> remote out on the NDS. (As before) But where does it go on the 332?
I don’t see this(socket with red rca)

It’s a 3.5mm jack socket on the 332, not an RCA. It’s labelled Remote in. You might need to get a different cable.

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Ah see it now. New cable required .3.5 jack on both ends. :joy:

Thanks @ChrisSU and @HungryHalibut for the quick response. It worked a treat.

Is the 282 to 332 a big difference?

Hi @Sinewave it’s hard to judge as I got the 350’s and 332 together. The jump is substantial but I didnt try them individually to compare.


I have been sleeping while reading the information. I was sure system automation was lost with my 555. But now I see it is possible. The question is now on a 332 2 333 where to connect all the cables. Pictures will not help here.
What has worked to start and stop all new gear is automation cables from 332 in the 2 sockets to the left of the usb socket to each socket on the top the single 3.5 socket on the 333s. This works. But now I am trying to find out how to connect the nd555 to the 332. I seem to have the right cable but it does not work as I hoped, that is the 555 would wake up the rest of the system, but maybe that is too much to ask for on a saturday night.

IIRC the ND555 will change volume and perhaps source of your 332, but the facility to awake from standby may be a step beyond the automation function of streamer. Does the volume change in the app? Worth a try with the streamer in standby and then use app to start a stream and see if the pre follows.

I had hoped something like the old integration with more functions performed from the pre remote. But curretnly it is for sure wired wrong. Back to normal after finding out that there may be yet another round of vtuner problems. Hopefully not for all.

Best to talk to your dealer perhaps. System in your profile seems at variance to your posts!

In theory this should be something that can be explained but since I am not sure what I will gain not an important thing to change on a sunday. Yes my profile is not current at all.