System Automation Between NDX 2 and NAC 332 Preamp

Hi everyone,

I’m considering integrating a Naim NDX 2 network player with a NAC 332 preamplifier and I’m curious about the system automation capabilities between these two units. My goal is to ensure seamless control and compatibility, specifically for features such as volume control and input selection directly through the Naim app or connected devices.

Does anyone have information on if system automation works between NDX2 and 332?
I know i will not be able to get the full experience such as power on/off and light dimming.

Hi, yes system automation works fine between the Classic streamers and the 332, I tried it with my ND5XS2 before I got the 333. You don’t get the power/light synchronisation as you say, would be nice if Naim did a firmware update for the Classic streamers to support that.

Edit: hmm, can’t remember if I tried input selection :thinking:

Thanks, great.

Volume control from the app is the most important part for me. So if that works it might be the direction i’m going.

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You’ll get volume control and input selection if you connect the NDX2 with a 3.5mm jack cable (copper, not optical).

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