System automation can be dangerous for speakers health

Fortunately i have no damage. What happened?
I use 2 devices for control system (252/ndx) volume iphone 11 and Samsung Galaxy A7 lite as backup.
Samsung is lesser hardware, many times is slow and unresponsive with Android Naim app.
Sometimes before i have experienced volume not working until i close and reopen the app.
Yesterday while i was trying to turn the volume up a bit, it started an unstoppable raising of the volume. Nothing could stop it in time, so i rushed to the physical volume and stopped it at 12 o’clock, turn it back to 0 but insisted to rise. I press mute and restarted the app at Samsung.
I assume it is a software/hardware problem that under certain circumstances can destroy my speakers…

Now i am running in a brand new Neat Xplorer and i am afraid a bit to leave the house and let the system play at low volume. I think that is not possible without user interaction this to happen again but i press mute when i go out just in case…

Are you using variable output on the NDX?

You can’t use the NDX2’s variable output if system automation is enabled.

I have a Samsung A10 and it’s generally quite a slow tablet but OK-ish with other apps that I use. With the Naim app, it’s often unresponsive for seconds, in particular after waking up / going back to the Naim app. This was attributed to having 2000+ Qobuz favorites and indeed it goes away when I log out of Qobuz. It was quite bad a year ago and has become better with subsequent app updates, which included performance improvements and helped with this as well. However, it is still not completely gone.

In the beginning, when it was really bad, I experienced similar things. However, this was still with the temporary Nova that I had, and hence the volume slider. It seemed that when the app was being unresponsive, it still registered and stored user inputs, which it then executed after becoming responsive again. E.g., I woke it up to increase the volume by dragging the slider up, and it did not respond. So I tried again. After it become responsive again, it seemed that it queued up both attempted volume increases and moved the slider unstoppably toward maximum. It also would not accept a quick mute when the phone rang, if it had to wake up the Naim app, also because simply being unresponsive.

I quickly started using the remotes for volume.

Like I said, general responsiveness has increased for me somewhat since then when I use the Naim app, which is rarely because I use Roon and the remotes for volume. In any case I have switched to NDX2 and 252 with sys automation, and I don’t know if similar things can still happen with the +/- buttons, but maybe this is what you experienced

Sounds similar to my experience a few months ago. I never really found the cause though.

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