System Automation ND5XS2 + nDAC > 282

Hi, I’ve tried to be a good boy and search first, but can’t find anything.

System Automation ND5XS2 + nDAC > 282

I have downloaded the System Automation Guide for the NDX2, but that has two RC5 outs, the ND5XS2 has only one.

(PS I can’t get the [new to me s/h] 282’s remote to work; it came to me via a full service incl. the automation update at Class A.)

Thanks for any help people can offer.

James, what exactly are you trying to do? If you want to use the Naim app to control the 282’s volume and switching, then you need to connect the ND5XS2 to the 282 with a 3.5mm jack cable.

Does the remote control the 282 ok?

The NDX2, like the ND5XS2, has only one RC5 output. Perhaps you were thinking of the 1st gen NDX, which had two: the advantage of that was that you could connect the NDAC for input selection, or a CD player, as well as the preamp.

Unless you particularly need to use it to control the NDAC, you could just connect the ND5 to the 282 so that you can use it for volume control and preamp input selection.

We use NDX2 with nDAC and 252.

Cable between NDX2 and 252 does the job for volume and source selection on 252.

If we ever need to change nDAC input we can use 252 remote 7/8/9/0.

We found sources such as Sky Q sounded better going NDX2 → nDAC so now we route everything through NDX2 and nDAC input is never changed, so NDX2 remote is all we need.


Thx. I’d connected via 3.5mm minijack (mono) from nd5xs2 to nDac (RC5 in) then from nDac (RC5 out) to 282 (RC5 phono). So I’ll just need to swap that.

The 282 remote isn’t working. I’ll try yet more batteries…

Thank you!

Obvs the ND5XS2 is a simpler beast than the NDX, but I did connect the TV to it (via digital RCA) rather than the DAC without even thinking about it … :grimacing::smiling_face:

Thanks chaps. Up and running :blush:

Note to self: much learn to be a bit more techie.

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