System Automation (sorry - again)

Did not know this. WiFi for me is a given, so never tested the exact scenario. Sorry.

I’m sure no apologies were needed! This updating system is a bit arcane though and it’s a bit scary if it fails halfway through because there is no lan connection between the two.


OK - what can possibly go wrong! I’ve ordered a USB-MiniUSB data cable and I think I’ve sorted a laptop so I should be able to set things up close to the NDS.

Thanks for all the info - I’ll update on whether this solves the system automation problem in due course.

A couple of tips. You need to read the instructions included in the download really carefully because everything is there for a reason! I’ve done lots of these updates but I still read the instructions again carefully.

And you will need to install the USB driver before the updated programme on the PC will see the NDS and how to do this is described in the instructions. If you run into problems with this driver, just start a new thread with an appropriate title and there are lots of people here who will be able to help.

The instructions tell you to change the power settings on the laptop so it doesn’t go to sleep during the process. If you don’t want to do this on a borrowed laptop then you will have to keep it awake by moving the pointer about a lot.

Also don’t worry too much what the display on the NDS says. It often takes a while for the streamer to reflect what the PC is doing and you could get a scare for no reason.

Finally if it all goes wrong, give it time to resolve itself, but if it doesn’t, then apart from checking connections etc, you are safe rebooting the PC and restarting the NDS then trying the update again. You can’t damage the NDS by running the update multiple times but of course you can get it into a place where the update has failed and it has to be done successfully before the NDS will work again.


Thanks David - I’ll go step by step as you advise - and start with the driver download before anything else.


Well the upgrade is finished and nothing blew up, all seems to be working OK except, naturally, the system automation problem I started with.

I took the opportunity to remove the app from my iphone then download again anew but no joy - so it looks like a problem that has to go back to the factory.

One question - how can I be sure it is the preamp that needs to go back not the streamer?



Do a test with a known-to-work pre. Else you cannot know. Naim Support can tell you the probabilities. My bet is the NDS has an issue, or a configuration detail has been missed by you, despite the care you have taken — been there myself.

In my own case, I simply could not believe the RC interconnect wire failed under no apparent stress . Never experienced such a failure of a wire before.

I had the advantage of using System Automation involving the Naim DAC and CD555, in addition to my NAC — so testing one leg versus another helped me solve.

Good luck.


Hi John,

Sorry to hear you are still plagued with the same issue.

It’s a tricky one, as I say, I have not experienced your issue, nor do I have any experience of the IOS app (I’m Android all the way)!

Did you do a factory reset on the NDS after the update?
You could try a factory reset on the preamp perhaps? Switch on the NAPSC for the 282 with the source mute button pressed.

Otherwise, for a proper diagnosis, we would need both items I’m afraid.


Edit: forgot to say - unplug your speakers before resetting the pre!!
I should elaborate - resetting the preamp defeats the switch on mute, so you will get a very profound thump through the speakers.

Thanks - I didn’t know about resetting the preamp, but it doesn’t seem to have worked.

Is there anything noticeable that shows it has been reset? It did in fact change from mute on to mute off but didn’t solve the problem but nothing else happened that I could see. I must confess as well, I forgot to unplug the speakers - but I didn’t get a thump when I reconnected the NAPSC, no noise at all in fact.

Nick - fair point, I will recheck both settings and the cable just in case. I don’t know anyone nearby with a preamp I could try and the thought of sending both units back to Naim makes me wonder if it is really worth it. It’s not as if it’s stopping the music at least.

Hi John,

When you connect the PSC normally, the 282 display should come on in source mute mode for the standard period, during the reset procedure, the source mute will lift almost immediately producing the pop at the output.

Interesting that you didn’t experience this.


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