System Automation

Good afternoon!

I tried to get my ND555 remote to work the volume on my 552. Not a hard ask I thought as they are from the same family but apparently its not that easy!

I then tried the various system automation options but none of them worked either!

I don’t really need a remote other than for the volume so I can just use the Narcom I guess but having the ability to pause music from a remote vs my phone would be nice. The whole face id to unlock, find the app etc and then pause which takes a few presses to register blah blah!!

Anyway any help would be appreciated!

Have you got the 552 and the 555 linked with the necessary automation cable?

@GavinB no additional cables other than the standard ones to connect everything up. I did go through all of the stuff that came with the ND555 and did not see any other cables than the HiLine though. Weird you need a cable though! How to make life complicated!

It’s an analogue preamp with an analogue volume pot! You need the cable. 3.5mm jack to RCA, cheap as chips.


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