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Connecting IR out from my new ND555 to 552, is there a manual for which cables to use? Have searched but no luck so far…

I understand 3.5mm at streamer end, and I assume RC5 in at 552? But is mono required, or do both left and right with a stereo 3.5mm plug work?

A mono cable will suffice nothing fancy required.

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Thanks, got a rca to 3.5mm adapter, already had a mono cable w. 3.5 at both ends.

Still unclear to me if a 3.5mm stereo plug would have worked just as well. Really strange there is no info (or maybe there is?) on the Naim homepage.

Stereo does work just as well…

I think this is what you need:

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Indeed helpful guide… it’s a shame on the newer streamers they dropped back to only one automation out… I miss the dual outputs of my NDX. One used to control my CDX2 and the other my 552. Now I have to choose, and the CDX2 looses out.


As you use Roon it’s worth looking at the Logitech Harmony Hub. This is an ethernet based IR blaster which using a Roon extention allows the volume control to be enabled in Roon. I use this with my NDS/282 and find it restores the convenience of the Naim app back.

There’s also a widget which you can add to the iPad that would give you easy iPad conrtol of volume when listening to your CD player.


An update to the guide wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Anyone with a new streamer will probably be unaware of its existence.


Thanks trickie for the suggestion… for volume with Roon I use the Naim app on my iPad (on the Roon screen), or more often the Zigbee controller… which I love…
Mind you the new remote uses Zigbee encoded signals rather than IR encoded signals.
What I need is a remote phono lead splitter… I don’t know whether it’s a case of splicing two leads together … or they need buffering. I don’t have the leads in my bits and pieces box to experiment.

I have just connected my nd5xs with my sn2 using a 3.5mm cable between them and then I got the new option in the naim app to control volume and mute. This should be a more visible option for the customer since it is so valuable.


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