System Distortion

I’ve had some issues with a grainy sound very recently but it’s got much worse in the last couple of days, I sometimes think it’s me though :grinning:.
This morning I decided to power down the system and clean [1] all the cable connections and see how it went.
Well I was greeted with horrible distortion that sounded like fluff on the stylus, sibilance and a general weird almost echoey sound. :mask: The 250 was supposed to be Naim serviced in 2015 but I’ve dropped it off with Darran @ Class A so I’ll find out soon enough.

[1] disconnect/reconnect

How old are and, have the Supercap and 82 been serviced recently? The 250 serviced within the last 5 years should be OK but…

Both the 82 and Supercap have been serviced by Darran @ Class A in the last two years.
Darren has promised to get to the bottom of it.

And while the 250 is away I’ve got the Qb sat between the Spendor A7s :grin: It does a valiant job, bless it.

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