System Pics 2019

I do wonder whether this makes a SQ difference — maybe just OCD (level height)? :wink:


Always think if the system was playing an Eric Clapton album and he had them under his amp wouldn’t it sound just amazing :wink:

Better isolation from the floor I guess.

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Hi Rustyneedle.

Is that ironing boards behind the speakers by any chance? ATB Peter

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Not entirely, one is an ironing board the other a ladder covered with blankets.

A very crude attempt to absorb the bass hitting the rear wall, but it does give me an indication of what to expect when I do eventually address the issue of room treatment.

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I’ve added stainless steel ball bearings and nuts under my 10mm glass shelves for a bit more isolation. $72 from the engineering shop. Glass shelves were about $100/each.


that looks fantastic and frightening at the same time!!!

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Aaaaaargh! Mana wars all over again. 25 stacked Fraim bases, anyone?


Yes, it reminds me mana shelves stacking. . However in nicer style.

Dumb question time: Do the glass shelves just sit directly on the ball bearings? And is there anything “special” about them that they were $72? (I have never priced ball bearings so I have no clue as to cost.)

Yes, the ball bearing sits on top of the nut and the glass shelf just sits on the ball bearings (2 at the front, 1 at the back centrally).

It was $72 for 18 balls and nuts in total for 6 shelves, including postage. They are stainless steel because of our humidity and sea air where we live. Mild steel is cheaper.

Hi Rustyneedle.
Can’t help thinking that should you embark on room treatment, it could prove helpful as in my case to look at videos on YouTube. Dennis Foley explains about room acoustics, and how to approach the issues in a language, even I could understand. Modal pressure tends to build up in corners first (mostly behind the speakers but also in the corners behind your listening position), where the increased pressure has nowhere to go except for back into the listening space ( bass is omnidirectional sadly). It is fascinating and depressing for that matter, how untreated excessive bass pressure murks up the whole frequency range with a loss of detail, timing and soundstage. Maybe thin blankets are also not the best diagnostic tool in this respect. However it is amazing, what can be achieved in a room. In my dedicated listening space, I now have over a 100 kilos of bass absorption products. Good luck and be prepared for a bit of a journey…:face_with_monocle: ATB Peter


In some 40 years of my interest in music and by way of that hifi I have not given a great deal of thought to room treatment, or alternatives to spikes, but this year I purchased the ND555 with an additional 555PS and had my 500 dred also adding the SL interconnect in place of my HiLine.

After a very patient 6 months of resisting to ‘fiddle’ I thought everything must have settled down and thought things should be sounding a lot better than they did.

Most notably the ND555/2 x 555PS.

Some have had issues with their ND555, was I also one of those?

Rebuilding the Fraim was going to be time consuming but checking speaker placement was a lot easier.

After checking for loose drivers I removed the speaker spikes to assist movement, settling on the T88s being further off the rear wall and wider apart.

After some lengthy listening I replaced the spikes and that added the expected improvements, but the bass was bouncing off the rear wall still. It was then I resorted to the ladder, ironing board and blankets. Though not perfect it did tame the bass considerably.

But, it was the Townshend Podiums that were jaw dropping, they have allowed my purchases this year to warrant the cost, for me, and allowed the T88s to perform like I’ve not heard. I don’t ever see me returning to spikes, even on solid floors, I’m that convinced!

Thanks for replying, I appreciate it, and will copy your comments to my ‘Room Treatment folder’ also checkout the videos.

I’ve already looked at the GIK Acoustics website and downloaded the software.

My sister-in-law is a sound engineer and offered to help out, but yes, I guess it is going to be quite a journey!

Though the steps will be small and I will not be able to do all I suspect will be required, my partner is tolerant…but.

At present I’m taking time out to enjoy the improvements and rediscover my music collection.

Have a great Xmas



Thank you very much Russ and you too👍🏼 ATB Peter

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Looks great Mike


My modest set up. My UQ2 and Neat SX2’s

I have recently added a phono stage and my dad’s old Thorens TD165 which I’m very happy with. Also trialling a SU which is very nice indeed


That’s a lovely system. Enjoy

Pretty basic indeed but sounds great and it makes me smile which is the main thing. Also very wife friendly


No …!! Not Basic at All . I had almost same set up for quite some time and loved it . Those Neats look great in white !

Do those socks make your toes warmer ??