System Pics 2019


Yes i compared the special 40’s to the Sopra 1’s head to head for about a month at my home.My gear at the time was Core/N272/XPSDR/250DR,and i much preferred the Focal’s.I live in an apartment,so need a speaker that works well at lower volumes.The S40’s need more volume to come alive than the Sopra’s,i found the Focal’s to have a fuller,meatier sound at my normal listening level.




It’s a better conductor I suppose.


@magnussirius227 Interesting setup you’ve got there. We don’t see that many Cyrus and Naim separates, especially CDPs, mixed together. How does it sound through those Ovators?


My most used Naim source :sunglasses:


The only change from 2018 is the removal of the B&W Panorama 2 sound bar and the (temporary) installation of the CAT1 cabling system next to the QNAP NAS.

The Naim kit is the 272 with XPSDR into a 200DR. The Rega P3/Elys2 on top with the CAT1 discouragement devices fitted.


IIRC is that powered by an XPS-T ?


Yes it is James.


Ha ha, loving the CAT1 infrastructure :rofl:


Tasty :sunglasses:


Well, it sounds great :slight_smile: The Cyrus CDP is just something I previously used in my secondary system (work), and is seldom used. It’s for those big box-sets or charity shop finds that I haven’t ripped to the Synology NAS yet.


@SJT Glad to hear you got the Special 40s and that you’re enjoying them.

Mine, which I’ve had a couple of weeks now, are starting to warm up a bit and are really coming alive.


I had a Stage 2. There was a known issue with the tray and it became unbearable. Couldn’t get a repair as, at the time, they had no UK distributor. Had to put it to one side and research replacements at a similar price. Tried whatever the Naim CD players was below the CDX and was unimpressed. Heard the CDX and Mrs. H. advised that we weren’t leaving without one. We did, as the CDX2 was imminent and, on dealer recommendation, we bought it blind. It’s still going strong nearly 17 years later and it’s only now I’m looking at an NDX2. Had the Micromega tray not started screeching my Naim journey may never have started. MS2 into Pioneer A400 Into Epos ES11 was just lovely. The latter are still in the garage.

Sometime in the last decade I found an email address for the revamped Micromega and dropped them a line. My MS2 was shipped to France and back and had a full repair for something like a total of £130. I could not have been more impressed. Gave it a play and obviously it was a world away from a CDX2 in terms of presentation but there was just something lovely about it. Sold it to a work colleague.


Thanks very much. Thanks also for posting your experiences on testing other speakers - that was most helpful in making my choice. I bought them blind but I certainly am very pleased.

I am loving them. I am going through the usual ritual of playing my favourite records to see what there is on there that I have been missing all these years!

I am interested to know how they break in. The dealer reckoned they would settle after a couple of hundred hours, so I will see how they improve, although I can’t hear anything wrong with them as they are - at the moment they are probably the largest improvement from a single upgrade I have ever made.


same here, except I think you have a special power supply for it. lucky you!
I don’t believe Naim supply this anymore but of course could be mistaken



You might be right about the amp BH, though how much difference it will rally make I’m not sure. Try removing and see if there’s a change. The Tele can surely stay if the strings are muted with a plectrum or 2, especially the Bass strings.


Mine too. In my opinion it’s the best source product ever produced by Naim Audio, including the ND555. The only problem is that apart from the choice of station, I can’t choose what it plays!


@sjt @TheKevster I’d appreciate your views on this as I’m interested in the S40 but listening levels are likely to be on the low side for the majority of the time.


This is my Cd5 XS, 272, 200DR and S-400’s integrated with a Yamaha surround system and B&W speakers.


Another angle :sunglasses: