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I’ve enjoyed everyone elses system pics for so long thought I would post mine.
Linn LP12/Aro/Dyna20L/Lingo1, Sony TC-645 RTR, Naim Core, Chord Mojo, Nak BX100, Naim 72/HiCap/250, Quad 2805
image image image image


Lovely mixture of the old and the new!



Thank you Stuart.

I wanted to post this as part of the System Pics thread, but somehow I screwed that up and it is its own thread. Hopefully maybe the forum admin can move it to the proper thread.


Naim through Quads, an interesting combination. Thanks for sharing the photo’s with us.


Jas, I’ve moved your thread (and the replies) into the System Pics 2019 thread.

Nice TC-645 by the way. I have one too. An excellent little “bolide” of an R2R for playing 7" pre-recorded reels, with superb sound.


Are you still loving the s400’s? I have a pasir but not sure if i should move to PMC?


I dont think I am qualified to say much because my speakers are only 3 days old and are not run in yet but what I can say is this.

I am listening to the “second side” of the Kate Bush record Hounds of Love at vol 30 on a 272/250 into the Special 40s - what I would consider lowish volume. There is still good detail and very precise imaging. It all sounds very real and convincing. The thing missing is presence and oomph, which winding up the volume provides. At bigger volumes (e.g. 45) its much easier to hear the start and stop of a drum hit.

I have no idea what the sopra 1 sounds like, because at 6 grand I can’t afford it! The price difference between the two speakers is a 272!


Another update on the new special 40s. I just wound the spikes on my speakers down so they go through the carpet and into the concrete floor and stood on each spike to get them bedded in. Before now I was moving them about to get the best spots but the imaging was very vague because the speakers were wobbling about on top of the carpet. I have to say I was a bit worried! Now after screwing the spikes down, the imaging plus the detail is much improved. As per the previous post, the sound is very convincing. Hearing Kate Bush sing made the hairs on my arm come up.

A note on the Dynaudio Stand 20s. They are expensive at almost a monkey but I am pleased I sprung for them. They are a single column stand but very stable. I have 3 tubs of atabites distributed between them and this only fills them about halfway (I might get some more). The spikes are adjustable from the top and lockable, and once I wound them down, stamped on them and locked them in there is very little wobble. There are some non-slip pads on the top but I have blu-tacked the speakers as well. They also provide some screws to screw the speakers to the stands but I can’t bring myself to do that!



  1. thanks for fixing my posting mistake and getting the pics in the correct thread
  2. also thanks…you were the one years ago that inspired me to get the Sony 645 RTR…I’ve had mine CLA’s and also recapped by an expert and it is a sweet machine. I’ve got about 100 tapes … the way it sounds I wish i had a 1,000 !!!



Hi Jas, have you tried moving the Nac further away from the devices having big toroidals?


My recently (today!) updated system with Naim NDX 2 -> PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium -> NAP 300DR -> Focal Sopra IIs. Glorious.


Lovely looking system, room and dog.


Thank you sir! Daisy’s a cockapoo. Currently asleep next to me. I think she finds the system quite relaxing.


Yep. She’s lovely.


Oversatisfied reading the encyclopedia brittanica.


@Flachead I didn’t listen to the Focals, my dealer does them but I didn’t listen to them (out of my price range). I tried Neats, ATCs and PMCs and while each had their qualities, the S40s just had everything I liked and was looking for. I knew inside of a minute that they were ticking all my boxes.

Although the S40s sound best at higher volumes, they’re still fine when the knob’s lower (I live in a flat so have to be careful sometimes). You shoud definitely give them a home demo if you can.


@SJT my dealer said the best way to break them in quickly was to have the drivers facing each other, with one speaker out of phase, and the radio playing constantly. This certainly helped.

I reckon mine now have about 100 hours on them, and they’re really starting to come alive. Once they’re up to 150 or so, and with a few minor placement adjustments, I reckon we should be there!



Very good question. I am pretty tight on options in the space (as you can see)…I have considered should i move the 72 up one level and the hicap down toward the 250. I have no place else to put the Lingo…however i understand the Lingo interaction problems with Naim very well and have it plugged into a completely different circuit via heavy extension chord. Also i use various foam pieces to elevate cables on the floor in certain areas to reduce touching.

If you have any suggestions based on what you see I’d be interested.




Although I confess wikipedia is easier to access, more accurate, more detailed, and much more up to date. Still… there’s nothing quite like pulling out a volume of the Britannica and leafing through it. Owning a set was a lifelong aspiration from early childhood.


That is a beautiful and seemingly large room. Out of curiosity did you also audition the Sopra 3 given the size?