System Pics 2021

Definitely understandable, I advocate that myself…
Since I own the ND555, It’s important to know if it sound better…
I didn’t saw any relevant topic for that…


My dealer does both Naim and Linn, but I did not want to ask him this question. But even if I were to ask for his opinion, I knew what the answer would be.

What the answer would be :wink:?

Every individual is biased. :wink: I’m sorry. I guess you will need to find out which one you like best.

What is self confirmation bias?

Confirmation Bias - the tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs. … People are especially likely to process information to support their own beliefs when the issue is highly important or self-relevant


Without a doubt, always trusting my own ears

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Big fan of Orange.


Especially Ajax :wink:

Having received my XPS DR unexpectedly early I was going to wait until after Christmas and New Year before unpacking it but the forum essentially said put it in now and enjoy, so followed the good advice. Racking may not be perfect; NDX2 and SN3 are on lower shelf so as not to overload the middle one. Sound is better and I feel the XPS DR was a good addition, that’s probably it for a while unless I see a better rack solution……


Big Lass?



Haha, I shielded her from that question for both our sakes! The answer is no, she always prefers everything bigger! Make of that what you will, lol, happy new year!


Where’s the “moving” system pics gone?


Some of Rega’s past electronics have been rather lacking in the looks department in my view, but I really like the current stuff. In many ways I find it more attractive than Naim.


I do like half box items, and for the nine hundred and nitty ninth time, wish that Naim offered a half box CD transport (even if they have to use a TEAC mechanism)


What are they HH?

The PS and phono stage for his Rega P10.

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While I was beaten to it, it would be rude not to answer - on the left is the Planar 10’s power supply, and on the right is the Aria phono stage. I tried putting my Naim tuner on the shelf above but the Aria gets very upset and there is so much hum, but it is unaffected by the power supply for some reason.


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