System Pics 2021

Looks great! I had a 202 for years. Recommended by Naim manager. Great pre-amp. Welcome and hope you enjoy your time with us.

That looks great - Paul does make some great (and sensibly priced) HiFi racks/furniture. I’m really pleased with mine.

I had that exact amp a few years back 202/150 and really enjoyed it the 202 especially is very much underrated I found it to be a whole lot closer to the 282 then I thought both it and it’s predecessor the 102/180.

I can’t see a Napsc there which is an absolute must with the 202 it also responds very well to a Hicap.

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Cheers and yeah couldn’t be happier with mine.

That looks like the Densen Beat biamp setup. I have one of those in storage. It developed a mains hum so not sure what to do with it. Anyone recommend a repairer?

I send my ones back to Densen, lifetime warranty for first purchaser, so if you have owned it from new just contact Densen and ship it to Denmark. They are very helpful.

Yes, I did run it bi-amped into B&W 805ns when I first bought it, these days just use the Beat integrated as pre and the b300 as power amp.

Occasionally I run just the integrated just to remind me of how good it is, these will always be keepers.

Got Naim in the house.

System coming together. SN3 , SL1200g, Aria 926 , Node 2i


My setup, the spare shelf with LPs on will ultimately hold another box most likely a 282. Aesthetics are important and replacement speakers have to be white to stick with the Art Deco times of our 1930s house…


@peterguest - what’s that little rack your TT and amp are sitting off. Really good-looking piece of kit you have there…

To be fitted:

Just rebuilt by David @Goldring.


The stand is Atacama storm in Dark Oak. Matches the rest of the furniture so keeps HWMBO happy


A few updates:

  1. The NAT01 has found a new home;
  2. The RP10 is replaced by P10 / Apheta 3;
  3. I rebuilt the racks and gave it all a spring clean including tightening the SL2s up to 3.6Nm;
  4. Raising the top two levels ensures the SL interconnect hangs off the carpet;
  5. I’ve put the Switch, US and the P10 PS in the eaves out the way with cables running through the wall which keeps it all neater and quieter.

A few pictures below:


Nice and cleverly laid out…

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Your knees are in a good shape, I assume… :wink:


Ha! Indeed that’s the downside with it all. A lot of crawling around :rofl:

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A friend was advising me to get a loft extension this morning, nothing he said was as persuasive as these photos; although I think my wife would have OTHER ideas of what we should do with the space!


Our loft has become the “family room” – so not quite a music room. But of course music is needed in the family room too. Voila – the justification for a second system was born… :grinning:


Never keep a good man down LOL.

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I hope the TRV under your light is turned completely off, and not on :snowflake: If You were away and the temp dropped…Your NDS would get very wet. :grinning: