System Pics 2021

Hopefully you did the interface plates while doing the bass units. No other bolts need to be touched.

Yes Nigel I did.

Excellent. How could I possibly doubt you?

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I’ve no idea Nigel.

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Let’s try to keep on topic - pictures of your system. Thanks.


@Dunc - you are an expert in these things. The rad pipe is unsightly so I want to box it in. Is there a way of removing the TRV from the top of the pipe or will that be impossible (water everywhere) as it’s no longer connected to to the rad? If I can safely remove it that will make the boxing in more straightforward. If not, no problem, I’ll box around it.
Apologies Richard - I know it’s off thread topic - but there’s not much online to help with this one. Cheers Dave

How does it sound?

@DaveEngland you can easily and safely remove the trv by unscrewing the knurled ring below it. The plastic only opens and shuts the valve, there is no water running through it.

The important thing is the exit on the right must be capped off and it looks like yours is.

They look really nice. Congratulations! :sunglasses: May I ask how many hours you spent on building them? Also I would like to know how much you spent on materials. :innocent:

Thank you. I Lost count of the hours… I have some good tools with dust extraction that make the job much easier but I’d say 100+ hours. Then probably another 20 doing the veneer again and the grills. Total cost was roughly 5000 AUD. (2700 GBP).

As above dave, if you want to get the pipe lower then it would need to be cut and capped off lower down, this would then involve water, and depending on what system you have, it could be very easy or slightly more difficult, but if you did want to cut the pipe and get it close to the floor, then i can tell you how to go about it

Just to add, as you are in the loft, then that makes it even easier to cap the pipe, plus you probably have a sealed system as yoy have rooms in the loft, this makes it once again even easier and would literally take you about 10 minutes max to do, as said i can talk you through it all, no problem at all, its nothing to worry about and would look much better if its not there

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That’s not bad at all! Thanks for sharing.


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Many thanks @kaypeejay and @Dunc. It’s a strange one as when I unscrewed the collar to remove the stat water came out the top! Maybe the stat valve is in the open position? I quickly retightened it before exploring further though! Any ideas?

Dunc - I agree that cutting the pipe and capping off lower would be optimal but I’m not going to do this as, if we move, I’d reconnect and replace the rad in there just in case the next owners don’t want to use it as a hifi listening room with 8+ boxes :rofl:

So boxing the pipe in is the best solution now and if I can safely remove the TRV the that makes it neater and less box.

Cheers guys

Approx 13% of posts over the last while have been of system pictures, whilst some discussion around the pictures is definitely healthy there’s been a lot of waffle on here of late.


I have posted this in the turntable section but latest system update is this:

I bloody love it. As a bonus, it also sounds good…


That’s pretty special, does the platter light up internally or are you providing a light source by other means?


Just a cheap Ikea LED desk lamp (straight type with the bendy end) and I have angled it to shine through the back of the platter.

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If you have water coming out from around the spindle then the valve is knackered, sorry to say.

You could always cap the pipe off using an isolation valve, rather than a cap, this way it would be very easy to re fit the radiator and give you a much nicer finish to your room?

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Thanks Dunc. The water comes out from around the cap itself not the spindle so I think I need to apply plenty of PTFE tape to mitigate this or an isolation valve as you say.

Looks very ethereal!