System Pics 2121

This thread is a safe space for time travelers. If time travel is possible and perfected by humans then odds are one of these future people will visit the forum and post a pic of their “whatever is considered equivalent” system.

Not sure how long it’ll take but I’ll bump the thread once a month until I’m dead.

In the interim… feel free to post hifi related questions about which future person is likely to have an opinion/knowledge. Also… perhaps some pics of what hifi might look like in the year 2121. (Future person will enjoy our shared naïveté and overall basicness. This will lure them in for the lolz!)

Pretty sure this will work.

Its 2119 here, I just received my naim solstice addition.


Well here we are in 2121 and there’s still no 272 replacement. Hard times indeed.


2121 can still get my 250DR serviced :+1:


Did Naim ever drop the din connection?

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It’s 2120 and hifi died a long time ago. Music is injected directly into your brain now. It sounds much better. I heard rumors that people used to pay over $20,000 for their systems. That’s $4M in today’s money. They were so stupid back then.

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I doubt you’re a real time traveler. Everybody knows bitcoin replaces USD as global currency.

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Bitcoin went bankrupt back in 2026. They eventually reverted to the dollar system around 2029 after the world financial chaos.

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The dollar :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: , it’ll be the Yuan and Rupee by then.

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Is it something like this?

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L- Acoustics, 24 channel immersive sound system. 374 k . It exists already.

From What Hifi:

We gingerly assume a centrally reclining position on the vision of muted hues, plush carpet and cushioned, ergonomic shapes that is the L-Acoustics’ Island. And then we feel ourselves relaxing – in fact we don’t ever want to move again. Behind us, the L-ISA Bubble deck receives its spherical glass album; L-Acoustics’ proprietary physical music source recorded in BluSpace 23.1 Standard. A reassuringly weighty, wireless volume dial displaying the L-ISA logo is dropped into our lap. A certificate-slash-album-sleeve bearing the numerical edition of the Bubble we’re about to enjoy is issued: Marina Rebeka’s SPIRITO.

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Looks like we’ve been demoted to Padded Cell. @Richard.Dane Can you make sure to move this back once verifiable contact with time traveling audiophiles has been established?


Padded cell is a promotion, Katz.


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