System set up advice

Hi all.

I am moving from one to two racks, side by side, and was interested in the suggested order? I have 4 shelves on each rack.

My equipment is:

Linn LP12
Lingo 2
Rega Aria
PSU (non-Naim)
RPi4 streamer
Marantz CDP

Anyway, an issue I have is the NAPSC2 has a REALLY short cable (about 15cm to the 282). Also the cable I have between the PSU and the 282 is quite short too.

My original plan was to have the LP12 at the top of the pile with the PSU, Lingo 2, Rega Aria and the 282/250/DAC and CDP on the other.

Any suggestions welcome.

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Why is the cable on the NAPSC so short? Was it modified? It should be very long. I think mine is about 180cm though I’ve never measured.

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No idea - it came from a dealer as a one owner purchase.

My Olive NAPSC has a huge cable on it.

If the length of the NAPSC captive lead is giving you a problem with placement in any way, I’d be inclined to send it to Naim and get it put back to how it was.

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Definitely not right, at c.15cm. Been mode’d. Not cool.

Should be 1m plus, as @feeling_zen says above.

Back to the dealer who sold it to you, ASAP. They should fix it. Or arrange for it to be done.

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I’ll get it into Class A and ask Darran to sort that next time I am in Sheffield, but luckily it’s 100% fine to reach from the power to the brain side of my rack in most of my ideas.

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Any thoughts on the original topic - rack organisation?

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Been waiting for someone better qualified to reply but now thought I’d take my chance to state the obvious.

10 eclectic boxes on 8 shelves with some unknown cabling problems makes it difficult to be specific but…

I would put the 282 top left and LP12 top right.

Then put the boxes with the biggest transformers under the LP12, including the 250DR.

Next put the boxes with the smallest transformers under the 282 with the smallest at the top so you cause as little interference to the 282 as possible. As I am not sure about some of these, I think would definitely put the Lingo, the NAPSC and the non Naim PSU :scream: under the LP12 and work on it from there.

Its a good looking rack with plenty of space and you’ll probably never know if I have got it wrong. Fortunately :innocent:

Thanks :+1:

I currently have it set up as (listed as left/right racks but forum won’t allow me to format in columns but added a grab of it in edit mode)


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I would try


Rega Aria


Obvious what’s on top (although with the heights of the shelves you could start a trend and put the LP12 on the second shelf).

You might need to arrange differently due to the cables but to combat my hi-fi OCD I would go with

RPi4/Lingo 2

so I would have switched the shared shelves so the boxes with the biggest capacity for interference are on the right, over the 250 transformer, rather than the circuit boards.

Talking of OCD there are about 20,000 ways to arrange these shelves so eventually you have to give up on tweaking and get back to listening to the music.

But I can’t help mentioning that connection to the mains supply will also make a difference, if you are a regular visitor to the forum you’ll know this already.

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I think I am quite liking the current way I have it, and I’d never put the CD player on the bottom shelf near the floor - I have it at the top and well isolated from vibration/noise.

All my mains cables and extensions are upgraded luckily and I have the whole cabling set up clipped away from each other at the back and the mains going in the opposite direction to pretty much every Audio cable.

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