System Setup Clips

What are your recommended pieces?

For me the following get used:

38:08 - 38:58
In this scene the Knight, Bowen, is talking to the Dragon, Draco, who flies around him whilst talking.

Air Force One:
21:14 - 28:54
The plane is taken by the terrorists. In addition to percussive gunfire and associate pyrotechnics you have a squadren of jets flying around your room.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
01:46 - 07:21
Dreadful film, but a good workout for the system.

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Batman: The Dark Knight
The Gotham Stock Exchange scene and following chase.

The Revenant
Opening scene.

Any of the flight scenes.

Batman: The Dark Knight - Barnstorming scene.
Revenant - Based on a large dollop of historical fact. I watched it on a flight and although I could appreciate the artistry, effort and hard work that went into it I knew I would NEVER watch it again.

First ten minutes.
Great for panning dialogue as Mr Clooney swoops around the Space Shuttle. Real test of system cohesion.

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