System setup HCDR HC flatcap 2x cd5x

I just bought a HCDR.(Upgraded version).
This one will replace the HC non DR which is powering the 282. I hope this will give a better SQ.
So I do have a spare HC. Will the SQ improve if I connect the HC non DR to the cd5x, in stead of the flatcap 2x? I also use the flapcap for powering the stage line. Must I also change that, so that the stageline will be powered by the HCDR through the 282?
Mostly I play cd sometimes the TT.
Any thoughts on this.

Since you have the spare HC may I suggest you try all the options above and let us know what you hear. I for one would be very interested in knowing about your experience without it being tainted by the prejudiced opinion of forum “experts”.

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Another option is to keep the FlatCap on the StageLine and CD Player.

Then use the second HiCap on the 282 as well.


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As I understand it, two Hicaps on a 282 should be carefully matched, so not one DR and one non DR. I tried a Hicap on a CD5x, which made it sound crazy, and a Flatcap was much better. I suspect the best result will be HCDR on the 282, HC on the Stageline and FC on the CD5x.


I will let you know were the spare HC will end.

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Does someone has information how to connect the hc with the cd5x? I couldn’t find a clear answer on this.

Remove the link plug. Connect the upgrade socket to Hicap socket 4, band at CD player end. CD player mains lead still needs to be connected.

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@james_n is soo good at explaining this that I won’t even try myself.

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Signal straight to preamp from cd5x output socket I asume?

Yes, connect just as you would if using it without a Hicap.

From HC to HCDR on 282: yes better. More low more detail and rest/peace.
From Flatcap 2x to HC on the CD5X: hmmm not sure need more time tbh i did not hear a difference.
Need some more listening. Than I will swap it again and i will get back what I experienced.

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