System Synergy - Is it Real?

My NC 250 is back on the way to Salisbury as it has developed a fault on the right channel so now I’m using the SN3 directly powering my speakers, to my surprise I am enjoying my system more without the NC 250, I don’t know this is due to system synergy or the NC 250 was faulty :thinking:, do any one has the same experience similar to mine. Appreciate your inputs.

I think it is real, system plus room synergy. Not all combinations work well in all rooms. Whether that has anything to do with a faulty item though maybe is a stretch? Hopefully once you get it back and run it in the synergy will be there.


It’s not really a surprise, because the SN3 preamp isn’t really on the same level as the NC250, so is likely to be exposing weaknesses. The recommended approach with the SN3 is to add a better preamp and use it just as a power amp in the interim before swapping out the SN3 for a dedicated power amp. It’s not so much about synergy as such, rather about system balance.


Taking out the 250 will certainly make things sound different. That, in and of itself, can sometimes be perceived as an improvement in SQ, particularly initially. What will be interesting is how you find the sound change when your reinsert your amp after its trip to Salisbury.


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