System Synergy

222 and Statement


Functional, sub-optimal

Comparing the NAC S1 to the NSC 222 is pretty much a non starter in my eyes.

Now a NAC S1 and a 200 Series NAP 250?


It would be lesser I feel, as the big Focal needs at minimum a 500 dr to open. And even a 500 dr would struggle.
So 222/ Nap S1 has no reason to sound bad. But an 332/333 would sound much better, and so on….

There was a show somewhere that had this combo due to a fault with the S1 and some people reported it sounded unexpectedly good, maybe this was due to the 222 following some of the design ideas from the S1. However, I am sure if you did a direct comparison between the 222 and S1, the 222 would be trounced.

That’s the show I had linked, maybe I broke a rule for linking!


Well - you never know until you try. My inclination is that it might not sound as unbalanced as some might imagine particularly if the 222 had a 300. Of course the top steamers from the Scottish company all have their pre amps built in.

E.g. the MV Hebridean Iskes from Caledonian Macbrayne?

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Most Famous Scottish steamer next to the SS Politician.

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Where steamers are concerned my preference is Italian.


Hmm, dim sum in Chinese steamers is hard to beat:
And of course these days you can get steam ovens, ours is a Bisch, but this is probably the best:

We had a Miele built in one at our old house, miss that. I digress :grin:

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