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Guys this has probably been talked about in the past but sometimes it’s good to refresh your memory. I have the Supernait 2 which works in tandem with the Hicap DR and I use the Qed Revelation Signature as speaker cable. At the moment my speakers are the ProAc Tablette 10 Signature. I would like to ask the more technical ones what problems I might have when I listen at high volume. Sometimes I find myself with the small green LED of the SN2 potentiometer even at 11 or 11.30. I am actually listening loudly but for short moments…that is the length of a track. The little T10s seem to hold the current arriving from the amp well, of course I see the woofer which has a considerable excursion… 5-50w are the data reported in the specifications of the speakers, I believe that from the naim at 11.30 much more to come!! Am I risking anything???
Thank you !

I expect the bass suspension might eventually get fed up with the extreme excursions.
But what on earth are you listening to at that volume level & with the little Tab 10’s !!.

I would be more concerned with your hearing, anything over 85dB will cause damage over time, the louder the volume, the shorter the time. Get one of the free sound level meter apps on your s.phone or tablet & check your in-room levels. Then have a search on www about safe sound levels, lots of info.

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If the speakers are not distorting at all then I wouldn’t be worried about speaker damage - and I’ve neither come across nor heard of the surrounds of bass drivers deteriorating as a result of frequent high level playing (e.g my old speakers that were about 45 years old when I moved them on had had very many hours of playing close to their limits but still played excellently, or rather one whose driver was original - the other had to be replaced about 8 years before that die to a preamp fault).

However Mike-B’s advice re sound level is sound (pun intended!): playing over an average sound level of 85 dB(A) at the listening position should be limited for your ears’ sake. I do play louder than that on occasion, up to 90 or so, but not for more than a couple of albums at a time (and not as frequently as I used to). Peaks of course will be louder, and that is where the amp’s reserve is needed.

Amp volume control setting is not a meaningful indicator of sound level other than comparatively for someone with exactly the same system listening the same distance from the speakers. Phone apps for measuring sound level do vary somewhat. Decibel-X seems to be one of the better of the free ones. This thread is one of those discussing them, and the main thread discussion may be of interest:

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