Tablet for ND5 Xs2 control

I’m looking at exactly the same thing. I have an iPad that’s a bit heavy and I’m forever leaving it upstairs so am looking at getting a new tablet.

Am going for a Fire 8 Plus, benefits being:

  • Small and light
  • Wireless charging
  • Cheap at £100 (normally £119)
  • Nice looking wireless charging stand available

I will be using it solely for Streaming / YouTube so there will literally be nothing on there except a nice NAIM background.

The NDX 2 works in a similar way to the original ND5 but the big draw back is the cost and the imbalance this would introduce to the current system (which includes a Nap200 and Nac 202) the Naim upgrade path can be a slippery slope to financial extravagance!

I wouldn’t call that unbalanced at all. NDX2/202/200 would be a nice system. Yes, it’s quite an expensive box, and an ND5XS2 would be OK if you don’t want to spend £5k, but the NDX2 wouldn’t be wasted in that system.

I agree with that. I’m using an NDX2 with 555DR power supply into ‘just’ a Supernait 3 and it’s excellent. To me it’s perfectly balanced.

I use an Amazon Fire Tablet 7 this can be unlocked then install Naim app, BluOS whatever you like.

These tablets are on a special at the moment for around £35.00

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Other-half got me an 8” Fire Tablet solely for media duties in the lounge.

I replaced the OEM launcher with NOVA and stripped out all the Amazon ads, apps and bloatware.

Very impressed with it and love the way it’s customisable compared to my iPad - image as follows:


Thanks everyone for your comments and advice. By way of update, I gave up on the nd5 xs2 and upgraded to the ndx 2-( robbing the piggy bank!) It sounds really excellent with my set up so I am very happy. It also has a decent remote which provides the functionality I seek.
For those interested in this sort of detail I have a NAC 202/ nap 200, and the speakers are heco direckt. These are cool looking and sounded so much better than others (Keffs b&w etc) in our audition session a couple of years ago.


Congrats, you will enjoy it at lot.

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