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Question for those who have a library of ripped music on a server. If you are ripping e.g. a five-disc set of Beethoven Symphonies with the XYZ orchestra conducted by ABC, do you treat the set as (i) 1 album (titled e.g. XYZ Beethoven Cycle) with discs 1-5 or (ii) 5 albums (titled e.g. XYZ Beethoven Symphonies 1 & 2, XYZ Beethoven Symphonies 3 & 4 . . . )?

If the former, have you ever had an issue with server and/or controller software playing Sym. 1 first movement, Sym. 3 first movement, Sym. 5 first movement . . . i.e. not recognizing the disc number field?

You may find some of my earlier topic helpful.
It does involve work on the metadata but the results are beneficial.
Changing metadata to improve Classical Music presentation - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

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Thanks, but I’ve already tagged 1 TB of classical music (plus 700 GB of other music). I have a system that works for me. And fortunately I have other software that understands disc numbers.

Do you use Minimserver? If so, it offers various options for handling multi-disc albums. There’s a detailed explanation in the user guide — too long to reproduce here. But the most useful feature of Minim, at least for me, is the “group” tag which is particularly useful with multi-disc albums. For example, I have a boxed set of the Beethoven symphonies on 5 CDs. When I ripped it, each symphony was given the same group tag: Symphony No1, etc. Now, when I open the album in the Naim app, the first thing that appears is a list of the nine symphonies. Tapping on any member of the list allows me to play that symphony, or to open it so I can select individual movements to play. It works a treat for me and there are no problems with tracks out of order.


I downloaded the free version last year for testing. At the time I was having issues with my server, which I ultimately blamed on the hardware.

I’m pretty happy with JRiver/JRemote, although grouping would be a nice feature. I don’t mind scrolling through Beethoven symphonies, but it would be nice to have the 32 sonatas grouped, not to mention Haydn’s 62 sonatas.

Edit - It looks like JRiver would allow me to do that - maybe with a grouping tag (whose intended function is not clearly defined) or by creating my own tag. But I don’t see how it would be accessed on JRemote.

Minim definitely has a steeper learning curve than some other server software. I suspect it’s one reason Asset seems to be the most popular NAS server amongst forum members. But Minim was designed from the start with classical music in mind. I ripped my mostly classical CD collection as a retirement project, knowing I was going to be using Minim, which gave me time to learn as I went along. For anyone starting out, there’s a very helpful forum in which the developer Simon Nash frequently posts.


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