Taking a Drugs Test - Where & How?

My son’s got his first graduate job, starting in August. One of the pre-conditions is for him to pass a drugs test which checks for cannabis, heroine etc. use. Anyone know where he might go to get one done? His new employers will be picking up the bill.

The GP surgery don’t offer this as a service. They suggest Boots, but they don’t either. He found one called Crystal Drug & Alcohol testing at a price of £130.

Anyone know any other options?

Surely they should arrange this? :thinking:


True, but he’s going to work for Volvo in Sweden :grinning: (So they’re not exactly on hand, or have local knowledge for the UK.)

Ask at your local cycling club. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Does heroine testing detect traces of great women?


I am sure commercial kits exist, but best be clear what the company will accept as sufficient. I guess if they are paying you would have thought they’d have preferred labs etc.

It has to be said that a single test on entry is hardly going to prove much but there you go.



There are plenty of medical centres who do such testing for employers. They are normally booked directly by the employer, and you turn up with your passport to prove that it’s actually you.
If you buy your own test kit you could easily use it on any sober person you can find and pass the results off as your own.

A simple urine test is what’s normally used.

One possibility is contacting your local drug detox centre or rehab unit. They routinely test their patients. One of them might help your son, or at least point him in the right direction.

Nice pick-up on the typo, @BruceW! You’re right that a single test doesn’t show much - I don’t know whether they have ongoing testing once in employment.

@ChrisSU I assumed they require him to do it at a verified centre

@Graeme That’s a great suggestion (I’d had it too).

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Anyone know what the law on discrimination says about employers discriminating on the basis of non-work related recreational drug use??

Just sayin… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Was thinking the same - it would be a waste to get a test only to find it did not meet the employer’s criteria.

Yes, I would expect so. There will be plenty of providers dotted around the country, who deal with occupational health on behalf of employers. I have to go to one every couple of years myself. What’s his location?

Check BUPA, I think they do this.

U.K. position Being monitored at work: workers' rights: Drug testing - GOV.UK

And Sweden (excerpt from a legal brief).
“In Sweden, there is no law covering an employer’s right to conduct prescription drug testing among the employees.

However, case law shows that carrying out a drug test may be justified for safety reasons, which would typically be the case in the construction industry or the security sector. The drugs testing must be carried out in a manner that is both reliable and respectful with respect to the employees.

To avoid any legal risks, in Sweden it is recommended to put in place a drug testing policy after consulting the employees’ trade unions and aim to reach an agreement with them regarding the implementation of that policy.“

Pre employment checks tend to establish a baseline. Yes, it will be preferable to get a negative test in all areas tested.
Also the test would be expected to be undertaken in a controlled manner. I.e. the test would have to be controlled end to end. From specimen being taken ( usually split into two separate bottles) to the test at the lab.
Random testing at work is more about presenting " fit for work" most employers don’t care/look too closely at what you do outside work. So long as you present free from drugs and alcohol.
For cause testing is an extension of random testing. Usually following an event/accident. Here D and A are ( hopefully) rolled out as a contributing cause.
And yes, where I work we get randomly tested.

After accepting a position a few years ago, I was required to visit a lab where they took a small hair sample. Not sure if this is the standard now but they can detect drug use in hair follicles going back 90 days.

Yes, I believe traces of Cannabis etc can be picked up in hair samples long after they would disappear from a blood sample. That seems a bit big-brotherish given that you might, in some cases, have consumed the drugs legally, or even inadvertently, so it’s not like you would be turning up for work stoned.


Thanks, everyone, it’s an interesting debate about whether these sort of tests are legal or morally acceptable.

He’s checked with them (Volvo Cars) and they seem to be happy with the Crystal option mentioned as the top. They have a centre local to us in Tamworth.

Glad you got it sorted as someone said drug and alchohol testing is quite common in the Constuction Industry including the supply chain.

The Company I worked for in 2013 got taken over and the new owners intoduced random testing the first test at the local depot found one employee with Cocaine, two with Cannabis and one who was just on the legal limit for alcohol all had driven to work !!!

Hope your son enjoys his time at Volvo in Sweden as I was in the Transport sector I was very lucky to visit the Volvo Truck plant on numerous occasions and on one trip we did go to the car plant very impressive indeed such a lovely country.

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Another reason to be glad I’m retired!


Just imagine when your employer pops around your house when you are working from home to perform a random D and A test!

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