Taking delivery of a 555PS DR for cds2

This Tuesday I’ll be picking up my new secondhand 555PS DR. Taking it home and changing out with my lovely olive XPS (I do like my xps a lot) the olive xps is a special build from 2003 runs into the classic serial numbers. Could it be a mistake to buy without listening connected into my system first as I had zero chance. Does anyone think I’ll be disappointed mixing it with the 52/cds2/135 sl2? Even an overkill? Or just more chocolate on top with some extra icing and the cds2 won’t know what hit it. My system as It stands atm sounds amazing to me. I’ve herd the same 555 before on a 500 system so I know it’s working as it should. Fingers and legs crossed it works out. 555 comes with a power line too. In the future when the CDS2 breaths its last I’d like to cd555 the system so kinda future proofing. So be honest I’m a big boy wasting overkill or stella move.

Not long gone from a Rega Isis to a CD555 with the standard 555PS and Hi-Line and it’s a superb combo. I can’t see it being long before you’re tempted to trade in your CDS2 when a CD555 Head unit comes up for sale. There have been a few recently… :wink:

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I added a 555PSDR to an NDX feeding 52/SC/135s into B&W804S, and it was a lovely uplift, more involvement immediately. I think you’ll be delighted.

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Well a cd555 could of been had from the same home.
But somebody said no😥

Ah, that’s a bummer. :sob:

That’s what I told her

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I went from a CDX to a CDS2 and loved the move. When I went from a CD5+FC2 to a CDX I was just a little bit disappointed . Yes, the CDX brought improvements, but while it was a fair bit “tighter” all round, I lost some of the widescreen euphony of the old pairing that I rather loved. The CDS2 gave me everything I loved in the CD5+FC2 plus all the advantages of the CDX, and a fair bit of its own magic too. Moving from an XPS to an XPS2 brought further gains. I would have loved to have tried a 555PS, but it hadn’t been invented before I then moved to a CDS3. I did though get to try the CDS3 with a 555PS and I loved it.

I just can’t imagine how putting an even bigger and better power supply on the CDS2 is going to be a bad idea. I hope it goes well for you. I’m sure you’ll let us all know.


Thanks Richard, and yes I will :grimacing:

As you have an XPS, have you got the correct burndy to link the 555PS to the CDS2?

IIRC, the original XPS burndy won’t work - you’ll need S-XPS version IIRC.

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Thanks Mr Happy, indeed I do。

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The 555PS comes without a Burndy. When the XPS is sold the Burndy goes with it, so you’ll need a new one anyway.

I see what you are saying Nigel. I’ll have a look in my box of bits think I have the original burndy hiding somewhere. In saying that I’ll may keep the xps for a while as said I like it a lot. Think the serial number start with 193###. Had naim customer services stumped for awhile, had to send through pics to convince them. Turns out to be requested special build.

Re performance, I found the 555PS(pre DR) to be quite an improvement over an Olive XPS. I also managed to play at home and compare (I wouldn’t say a full dem as the kit set-ups were a tad improvised) a CDS2/555PS(pre DR), CDS3/555PS and CD555/555PS.

The improvement from the CDS2 was immediately apparent albeit the gap from CDS3 to CD555 wasn’t so much IIRC.

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I upgraded to PS555 for my CDS3. Huge increase in performance. More detail and immediacy compared to olive XPS. PS555 is dead quiet as well.

The best move you can make. I have CDS2+555PS DR in a 500 series system, superb (far fat better than the original XPS or the XPS2).
Some discs through the CDS2 are better sounding than through my ND555+2x555PS DR.


Now I’m excited. :cowboy_hat_face:

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