Tangerine Evenstar: What’s your verdict?

With the original thread now closed and plenty of time having passed since its release, I’d be keen to hear users/tryers opinions on the Evenstar in the long run.
Are you still loving it and it’s still making a clear improvement?
Anyone tried and don’t like or didn’t get much from it?

I’ve had one for quite a while. I can’t disprove the hypothesis that it might be a placebo effect.


I reckon the lack of posts answers the question. :thinking:
If it was flat and round and had a Linn logo it would be a must have. :wink:
Might be good for seeing if you’ve left your deck spinning from a distance. :face_with_monocle:

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I still use mine. Sometimes I forget and when I’m listening I feel like the system sounds a bit flat. When it clicks that I’ve left it off, adding it brings the life back. But it may be my imagination. I’d prefer not to use it of course because I’m lazy.


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