Tannoy Eatons & SN3?

Does anyone have any experience of this or very similar combination or of these speakers with any non-tube amps?

I think @Slamdam runs Eatons along with Naim amps.


I never heard of the Eatons but did find a description of the speakers here.

There was one review available to read as well.

Not a look I would be after… If you try them let us know how you find the sound.

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I’ve had the Eatons for couple of years with different Naim components and I enjoy them a lot! Great speakers IMO and I think they look wonderful too :blush: What you read about them in available reviews is pretty spot on and I’ve struggled with a bunch of speakers and naim but never ever with eatons.


Mmm, I’m also not too sure about the look.

I’ve heard them, albeit briefly in a very different room and system to my own, at my local dealer’s home.

I’ll be giving them a home demo myself next week, so I’ll report back accordingly.


I wonder how significant room size is with these, as with many other, speakers?

Their size makes them a little difficult to categorise.

I have a rather small room and no other speaker have played as big and deep as the Eatons. If you have a small room I wouldn’t be worried. Cheviot is another thing though but the Eatons are more balanced and many prefer them against Cheviot and Arden due to it being better balanced top to bottom, especially in a small to medium sized room. I bought custom made stands from Rogoz in Poland. They charge no extra making custom sized stands. Great quality.

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Would the Eaton’s be worth trying with a sub in place (in my case a KEF KC62) or without?

I’ll try myself, of course, when I demo them, but would like to know anyone else’s take on this, too.

I definitely do not need a sub. They play deep and big.

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My dealer is bringing them round to mine this evening!

Cool! Be sure to play them without the fronts. Both for looks and sound :slightly_smiling_face: They can benefit from big toe in too. Tannoy even recommend them crossing in front of you but as always, trial and error. Also try putting them ear level or close to for best detail presentation.

Good info’, thanks.

I’ve just set up the Eaton’s, though not ideally yet, as I don’t have the correct height stands (my dealer is getting some for me, hopefully).

Also, there is an audible hum when connected to SN3, though less so when using AV input on SN3, when using my Denon AV in 5.1 duties.
Presume I need to use the earth terminal on the Tannoys and connect a piece of speaker cable to the SN3?

Just one speaker or both?

The hum is not created by the speakers. You have probably a ground loop somewhere. The ground in the speaker terminal (a fifth pole) is just to ground the speaker basket.

Ah, okay thanks.

I don’t notice any hum when using the ProAc speakers, only with the Tannoys.

What exactly is the fifth terminal for?

It’s an option to ground the speaker metal basket to reduce RFI/EMI. The idea is you can connect it to a ground point on your electronics with a separate wire. The are speaker cables also carrying a separate ground wire out there. I’ve never cared about it though :slight_smile:

Yes, so as indicated in the set up booklet.

Would a single speaker cable from one of the Tannoys to my SN3 be sufficient?

Amazing sounding speakers, I just need to get the positioning right.
Also, I haven’t tinkered with the treble settings as yet, there didn’t seem to be a need to.

Yes should do. Not sure if SN3 has a ground pole though. Be 100% sure you do not mix up with the speaker terminals in any way :slight_smile: Those that tried claims they have heard no difference. Is it hum and not the SN3 noise floor you hear? The large coax cone and 89dB in a small room brings out noise floor pretty good. I could almost here none with my 272 but with my 552 it is quite obvious.

I’m not sure I know how to differentiate between the two!?!

It’s a hum that is more audible on certain inputs than others.

Regarding the treble adjustments accessible from the front of the speakers, is this something that’s simply taste and room dependent?

I’ve just played a piece of music, (a Steely Dan song) that revealed a hint of treble harshness.

The problem with hum is created elsewhere. Cannot see the speakers causing this.

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